Balladeer’s Blog’s end of year retrospective continues with this look at March’s best:

mandy posterMANDY (2018): NICOLAS CAGE IN THE ROLE HE WAS BORN TO PLAY – Cage always brings the crazy and this wild, hyper-stylized and ultra-violent horror film showcases him at his psychotic best. Click HERE.

A STORY OF THE YEAR 2236 (1900): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – Neglected Space Opera about humanity’s rise to an interstellar empire followed by a cataclysmic war with an alien race. Click HERE.

DEMOCRATS BLOCK CORONAVIRUS AID PACKAGE – More callous playing with lives by the combined Nazis and Mafia of our time. Click HERE.

TWENTY DJANGO MOVIES – The 20 best Django movies from before Quentin Tarantino’s reboot. Click HERE.

SHAKEM AKHET: DEMOCRATS DO NOTHING FOR BLACK VOTERS – A Martin Luther King Person of Courage praises de facto Third Party President Trump and his accomplishments for communities of color. Click HERE.

Robert Ludlum expanded universeROBERT LUDLUM EXPANDED UNIVERSE – Television series like Beowulf Agate, Operation: Medusa and one set in the dystopian future from the end of The Holcroft Covenant. Click HERE.  

THE STRANGER (1991-1995) – Colin Baker’s science fiction series in which he was the Doc – I mean the Stranger … yeah, that’s it … the Stranger. Click HERE.

FINAL FOUR AND ELITE EIGHT BASKETBALL – At least a few college divisions got to play their national tournaments this year. Click HERE.

TWENTY BOOKS ABOUT THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY’S SCANDALS AND FAILURES – Only imbeciles would believe that ANY presidential administration was “scandal free” (LMAO). Click HERE.

James Garner 2TWENTY JAMES GARNER MOVIES: Some of the underrated actor’s best work: movies 1-10 and movies 11-20.

ALL THAT GLITTERS (1977) – A long-forgotten soap opera set on a parallel Earth where women were in charge and men were the sex objects. Click HERE.

A ROUND TRIP TO THE YEAR 2000 (1903): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – Long before Doc Brown and Marty McFly came this science fiction tale of time travel via a souped-up automobile. Click HERE.

Killraven debutKILLRAVEN CHAPTER LINKS – All twenty-plus reviews of the Killraven saga. Click HERE.

TWENTY MORE FAILED PREDICTIONS BY PSYCHICS – Remember the discovery of an ancient civilization at the North Pole? Or the Soviet wars with Germany and Greenland? All this and more in another roundup of failed predictions. Click HERE.  

JOE BIDEN VIRTUAL TOWN HALL DISASTER – A reminder of what a political prop the senile Biden is. Click HERE.

mascot sword and gun pic


TO MARS WITH TESLA (1901): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – Edisonade sci-fi adventures become a Tesla-ade adventure as the inventor Tesla gets caught up in a trip to Mars. Click HERE.

KID GLOVES (1951) – An actual television show featuring boxing matches between CHILDREN! Click HERE.

ADRIFT IN THE UNKNOWN (1904): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – A steam-punk trip to the planet Mercury. Click HERE.

TEN WEBSITES THAT ARE NOT TO BE MISSED – The title says it all. Click HERE.

TALES OF TWENTY-HUNDRED (1911-1912): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – Sort of a Republic Serial meets Doctor Who adventure set in the “future.” Click HERE.


TRAVELS IN THE INTERIOR (1887): ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – A genius and two pals get shrunk down and wind up inside a human body. Click HERE.


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