Balladeer’s Blog once again shamelessly panders gives readers what they want with yet ANOTHER list of Twenty Failed Predictions By Psychics.

Post ApocalypseBERKELEY PSYCHIC INSTITUTE (For 1975-1981)

*** In 1978 a war would break out between the Soviet Union and Germany. Several smaller countries would be drawn into the conflict and ultimately a new government would rise in the Soviet Union.

*** In 1976 the President of Mexico along with members of his family and two of his ministers would be assassinated, ending in the overthrow of the government.

*** Around 1978 or 1979 a Slovakian avatar would appear. This figure would operate on a psychic level and some time later would manifest himself as God. (Remember when that happened? Good times.) 

Mascot new look*** On May 26th, 1977 a war over fishing rights would break out between the Soviet Union and Greenland with nuclear torpedoes being used.

*** In 1980 several icebergs near the North Pole would break apart, revealing the remains of an advanced ancient civilization. Among the items that the submarine explorers would find would be machines, a time capsule and possibly materials from another planet revealing that they kicked off life on Earth. A giant glowing ball radiating tremendous energy would drive away the explorers.

*** The Prime Minister of Japan would be assassinated in February or the first two weeks of March in 1978.

*** Also in 1978 China would instigate an internal uprising in Afghanistan. 

*** In 1981 a figure appointed to the United States Supreme Court would go on to at some point become the Vice President of the U.S. This figure would have a double last name or a surname with a “Van” in it. (Ethan Van Sciver? He is everywhere!) 

*** Late in 1976 or 1977 revolutions would sweep through India.

*** In 1978 a major earthquake would hit northern California and parts of Oregon.

*** Egypt would start trying to expand its borders.

*** In November of 1977 extensive flooding would hit coastal Virginia, killing 200 people.

*** In 1978 or 1979 a scientist in China or the Soviet Union would discover some new way of using the atom to produce energy.

EDGAR CAYCE (For 1998)

*** New York City would be destroyed.

*** Alabama would be partially underwater.

*** The Earth’s north and south poles would shift.

*** Cayce predicted that in 1998 he would “return” as a world liberator. He would also be reborn in the year 2100 A.D.

*** Peace would come to the Earth in 1998, I guess as a result of Edgar’s predicted return.


*** By the year 2000 a new major religion combining sun worship with elements of Christianity and other existing religions would catch on.

*** Also by the year 2000 a great war would be fought on the “plains of Palestine” but Israel would be neither destroyed nor diminished. 




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  1. Tamara Kulish

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for following! Deeply appreciated! Be well!

  2. Dexter

    Psychics are such a sham!

  3. Percy

    Psychic and failure should be synonyms.

  4. Slovakian Avatars are the most dangerous kind!

  5. Ezra

    That Edgar Casey stuff is weird!

  6. herbsta magus

    Psychics and greens are such jokes.

  7. Almighty Kue

    Not even AOC is dumb enough to believe in psychics.

  8. Wendy

    I’m still waiting on that Slovakian avatar.

  9. Aleta

    Some of these are funny and some are scary!

  10. Miles

    That war between Russia and Greenland was the funniest one!

  11. Cherise

    That slovakian thing went wrong somehow.

  12. Wally

    I always get a laugh out of these failed psychic predictions.

  13. Merlyn

    You’re too much of a skeptic.

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