Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some sites you’ll kick yourself for not visiting on a daily basis. CLICK ON TITLES TO VISIT THE SITES.


InfogalacticNature: Informational

Comment: Called “The planetary knowledge core,” Infogalactic.com proves you don’t ever need to use W-pedia OR the g-word. Well, you can use the g-word if you want search results that prioritize sites which PAY the g-barons to place them higher than sites that are actually more relevant to your search. And unlike W-pedia, Infogalactic.com doesn’t allow fools with an axe to grind to “edit” entries.


Ethan Van Sciver picNature: Irreverent takes on pop culture … and mummies

Comment: C.A.P.S. stands for Comic Artist Pro Secrets but don’t let that specificity fool you. Van Sciver is like a new King of All Media in the way that he irreverently addresses any and every pop culture topic that enters his crosshairs (And I think we all know how painful that can be). Called “Caesar” and “Uncle Ethan” by his fans, EVS’s YT channel makes for addictive viewing and/or listening. The jovial genius embodies the old clichés like “you know him, you love him, you can’t live without him.” Balladeer’s Blog’s regulars know that I know funny, and Ethan is hilarious!


ParlerNature: Social media

Comment: For social media without the fascism, intolerant mobs and censorship, you can’t beat Parler.com . Best of all THEY DON’T SHARE YOUR INFORMATION like the data farms run by those modern-day Robber Barons at Fakebook and elsewhere. If you value your privacy and want to be treated like an adult on social media THIS is where you want to be!


Criminally ListedNature: True crime stories in bite-sized chunks

Comment: Many people just love true crime stories – especially for maddeningly odd unsolved murders and disappearances. The main trouble is the repetition, which is why you NEED to be watching Criminally Listed at YT. It often seems that there are no longer any of those unsolved mysteries that haven’t been examined ad nauseum by any and every show out there. This is a site that features A LOT of fairly fresh material. 


Comics MatterNature: Reviews of superhero comic books and movies  

Comment: “Zack” is the nickname of independent comic book legend Richard C Meyer. At this YT channel ya boi critiques colossally cringe-worthy comic books as well as old and new classics. Meyer’s brutally honest but profoundly insightful takes are short enough that viewers won’t grow bored, but are in-depth enough that you come away enlightened.


Oats StudiosNature: Independent short films

Comment: I’m amazed that I still encounter people who haven’t heard of Oats Studios. Their YT channel is filled with fascinating short films, usually science fiction or horror, with the occasional big name like Sigourney Weaver popping up. Rakka is my favorite item over at Oats Studios, but they have a nice variety so you can have fun finding favorites of your own. If you’re a wimp about gore effects proceed with caution.


Minds.comNature: Social media, blogging and vlogging

Comment: Minds.com lets you post videos, blogs, pictures and more. Best of all, rather than leech away at your creative output like Fakebook and others do, this site lets you EARN tokens based on what you post. Those tokens can then be used for upgrades or other options. In addition you can receive funds from your followers.  


anna that star wars girl picNature: Star Wars, Star Trek, plus sci-fi and fantasy in general

Comment: If you look up the expression “High Energy” you’ll find a picture of Anna, That Star Wars Girl. This talented free-lance artist also applies her creative energies to dissecting movies and programs, especially anything involving Star Wars … or Henry Cavill taking off his shirt. Anna’s passion for her subject matter is contagious and she will keep you spellbound as she enthusiastically lays down the cinematic law.


Crypt TVNature: Horror shorts, often with graphic violence

Comment: Crypt TV is a YT channel featuring original horror film shorts with a variety of deadly monsters. Many of the monsters are featured in ongoing stories that are a bit like ARG’s but with much better special effects. They’re addictive and stay in your mind long after you watch them. WARNING: THIS SITE IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE EASILY FRIGHTENED.     


War CampaignNature: Irreverent takes on comic books and just about any other topic

Comment: Gutsy, iconoclastic and always willing to go where the timid fear to tread, the Centurions and Valkyries of War Campaign take no prisoners and leave no butts unkicked as they champion freedom of expression. And that’s especially regarding those independent comics creators who defy the narrow-minded corporate drones at the Big Two publishers. Not for the weak of heart.     


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  1. That infogalactic site sounds like a cool alternative to the big G and W. Haha. Thank you so much for sharing. Gonna check it out!

  2. Centurion


  3. George

    Uncle Ethan is the man!

  4. David

    Richard Meyer is the most underrated creative force in comic book history.

  5. Tina

    Anna is such fun! I went there and she is so excited about everything!

  6. Stan

    I think you give Oats Studios too much credit but Crypt TV is the shit!

  7. Renee

    I love Infogalactic! So much more concise and to the point!

  8. Tyrone

    War Campaign is too Howard Stern for me but I like Ethan! I never miss his livestreams!

  9. Teguci

    Ethan needs to do more mummy news and less Brie Larson.

  10. LeeAnne

    Anna is such a treat! She’s like a woman’s best friend and men think she’s hot!

  11. Marcus

    Criminally Listed is the greatest! I could watch it all weekend long.

  12. Derek

    Hail Caesar! Hail War Campaign!

  13. R Williams

    Parler is so much better than twitter I can’t believe it.

  14. Wendy

    OMG you were not kidding about Crypt TV!!!

  15. Lactose Intolerant Centurion

    Hail War Campaign!

  16. Veronica

    Thank you so much for the tip about Criminally Listed. It is so awesome!

  17. Lindsey

    Anna is awesome! She’s my new role model! I want to start a youtube channel!

  18. Grane

    Uncle Ethan is the MAN!

  19. Jessica

    The Rakka site is pretty awesome!

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  21. Bart

    Great list. I like infogalactic!

  22. Suzanne G

    Anna has it all!

  23. Kathleen

    That Star Wars Girl never talks about anything I’m interested in.

  24. Frank

    I just noticed you have Crypt TV on your list! Good choice!

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