Shakem AkhetIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog likes to keep readers updated on those of us who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from the increasingly repulsive and out of touch Democrats. Shakem Akhet, leader of South Carolina’s #BLEXIT answer to #WALKAWAY, recently reflected on the reasons he and other African Americans are leaving the Democrats.

Link is below, but first some excerpts:

“The Democratic Party has played with the black vote for so long. The Democratic Party has used the black vote for their advantage and they have done nothing in return. The cities are still in a dilapidated state. You have a lot of corruption. You still have a lot of dirty politics, so we feel as though since the Democratic Party is not doing what they’re supposed to do then there needs to be a mass exit out of the Democratic Party.”

mascot new look donkey and elephant heads“Trump kind of won me over a lot with prison reform. We’ve got a lot of individuals in the prison system, especially federal prison, and what happened is with the First Step Act, a lot of people who were incarcerated were able to actually have an avenue to come home.”

Regarding President Trump’s Opportunity Zones, Akhet was equally positive: “I love the opportunity zones. That’s a good thing that allows us to invest in underserved communities that give us opportunity to provide jobs and to build up our communities.”

For the entire piece on Shakem Akhet’s recent remarks about the Democrats and more click HERE 


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  1. I’m Australian, not American, so while I can relate to your dissatisfaction with the Democrats [many of us are dissatisfied with our Labor party], I’m confused as to your alternatives.

    We have to vote, it’s compulsory, so more and more of us are voting for Independents. If there are enough Independents in both the Upper and Lower houses of parliament, they can exert pressure on the incumbent government to either soften or tighten policies. With the amount of power wielded by your President, I just can’t see Independents having the same impact.

    Do you even have Independent candidates who can influence the balance of power? Or is the only alternative to not vote at all? But if you don’t vote then effectively you’re voting for whichever party is currently in power.

    Apologies if my questions appear rude, but our systems of government are surprisingly different.

    • Hello! Nothing at all rude about the question, but you are absolutely right about the differences in our systems of government. Presidents do not have nearly as much power as the shrill media try to make it seem. I don’t know how much attention you pay to our news (all of it is either slanted in favor of left-wing views or right-wing views) but our court system and congress plus regulatory bureaus often stop what Trump or any other president tries to do. “True believers” from either party always feel that when a president they don’t like does something then it means the executive branch is out of control, and when a president they DO like does something that is blocked then it means the other branches are “suffocating the executive branch.”

      My ultimate hope would be that if enough people keep breaking away, then we’ll see the awful Dems and Reps splinter into smaller parties. After a decade or so of uncomfortable coalition governments (as if they could be any more deadlocked than under our current party system) we’d be left with probably just two dominant political parties again but at least they would not be the Democrats and Republicans as currently constituted.

  2. Democrats care for illegals more than African Americans and other disenfranchised American people as well. This is part of the plan to grant illegals amnesty and lock up those votes at the expense of Americans of all categories.

  3. To say Mr. Insult does more for Blacks than Dems is something a White person or a mixed up Black man would say. You won’t publish this comment.

  4. Leon

    Good for you for smacking down that racist ass who thinks all people of color think in the outdated Democrat plantation mindset that he does. He sounds like a typical out of touch one-percenter. The alleged world traveler part gives it away.

  5. Dewey

    President Trump is better than all the lying career politicians.

  6. Lamar

    Trump is great for my people. Democrats and Republicans aren’t.

  7. Marilyn

    Fantastic way you pointed out to that crazed hater that he does not speak for all people of color.

  8. Quenaya

    President Trump has been great for me and my family so tell that Salsa traveler he doesn’t speak for me!

  9. Shee-Lla

    Salsa World Traveler needs to stop telling other POC how to think.

  10. Noomie

    That Salsa World Traveler thinks he can tell the rest of us people of color what we’re supposed to think? To hell with him.

  11. R.B.

    Democrats sell out everybody sooner or later.

  12. Harmony

    Who does that Salsa World Traveler think he is to decide who among us is “real” black?

  13. DaNarran

    That salsa world traveler can kma with his stupid attitude.

  14. Mac Mcleod

    Good for this man! And that Salsa World Traveler nut is a racist idiot who thinks he can order other people how to think.


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