masc chair and bottleBalladeer’s Blog takes a look at several controversial pieces of entertainment too edgy for the mainstream.

… BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME (2016) – Is it real? If it is, is it MEANT to be as funny as it is? Left-wingers and right-wingers try to shame into silence the contestants on a game show. This is done by calling them “racists” if they are pro-freedom of expression and “baby-killers” if they are pro-choice on abortion.  Real or fake, this game show is sure to offend almost everybody.

TO THE FOURTH POWER (2013) – Mock documentary about the resentment Americans feel toward the white-collar criminals who hold office. When the U.S. is swept by a trend of 4th of July celebrations in which celebrants shoot or blow up with firecrackers images and statues of actual politicians the authorities begin to intervene, unleashing violence and tragedy.

burqa 2THE BURQA (2013) – In 2013 Iraq, a black-clad woman known only as the Burqa roams the scarred nation with guns blazing as she blows away Muslim extremists who oppress women in various ways. Is she human? Is she a goddess? Is she really the Mahdi come to Earth in female form? Higher body count than in any three Quentin Tarantino movies.

THINGS AREN’T WHAT THEY SEEM (2103) – A big-city woman starts a teaching job at a college in Kansas. Befriending the working class family who lives next-door she sees a pleasant side of them which her pompous, snobbish colleagues refuse to believe exists in “the rabble.”. Soon the teacher must choose between career advancement or standing beside her new friends. Deals with the political left’s demonizing of the working class.

Ben Affleck slave owner

“I come from a long line of slave-owning scumbags.”

ROOTS III: THE BEN AFFLECK STORY (2015) – This mock documentary was a fascinating satirical look at how involved Ben Affleck’s ancestors were in the slave trade. Something to think about the next time the ridiculous Affleck tries lecturing the rest of us about his pet issues.  

TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GOLEM (2013-2015) – A Golem is conjured up in Israel to protect innocent victims from terrorist attacks and other violence. Featuring dismemberings, ghosts, reanimated corpses and much, much more. Not for the squeamish or the faint of heart.  

Alec Baldwin

Would ALEC BALDWIN find the plot of this movie a little too close to reality?

THE WORLD’S A STAGE (2014) – A group of shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers take over their town’s government. The foolish egomaniacs run the place into the ground and destroy the economy all while insisting they know what’s best for the citizens who suffer from their bizarre policies.

ZOMBIES OF MONTICELLO (2013) – On July 4th, 1826, fifty years after the passage of the Declaration of Independence, dead slaves of Thomas Jefferson rise from their graves. The shambling zombies besiege Jefferson and those around him in his plantation home at Monticello for a night of unbearable horror.

Obama DerpWHACK BARACK (2013) – The 22nd Century descendants of Bill and Hillary Clinton create a time machine and come back from the future to kill Barack Obama during the presidential primaries of 2008 in order to allow Hillary to become president. This is done in an attempt to save the nation and the world from the ugly disaster of Obama’s two terms in office. Complications ensue.  

FUNKY FERGUSON (2014) – A very dark satire which uses the style and structure of 1970s blaxploitation movies to examine the events in Ferguson, MO. The fictional street gang called the Gentle Giants prey upon and often kill an entire generation of promising young African-Americans while corrupt politicians and other demagogues elevate the gang members to “hero” status. The dead victims go unmourned and ignored by the media. 

Mars Attacks 3ISLAM ATTACKS! (2016) – In the style of Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily and What’s Up, Hideous Sun Demon comes this film. Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks is overdubbed with new dialogue making it a dark comedy about attacks by Muslim terrorists being dismissed as “nothing to do with Islam” and similar incidents taken from real life.  

KEEPER OF THE FLAME (2013) – In this remake of the Tracy/Hepburn classic a naive college student who has been taught to idolize Che Guevarra becomes disillusioned when his research reveals that the man was really a fanatical totalitarian. The student realizes the overrated Che was not a freedom fighter but a would-be dictator and murderous homophobe who wanted to overthrow dictatorships ONLY so he could impose dictatorships more to his liking. Naturally he clashes with his professors, who are all left-wing Archie Bunkers whose minds are trapped in the 1960s.

Crimson ImamTHE CRIMSON IMAM (2013) – A heroic Muslim woman dons a red costume and mask, then takes to the streets of her Muslim community punishing men who physically abuse women in the name of the outdated dictates of their religion. Calling herself the Crimson Imam she becomes a nationwide role model and inspires a large-scale feminist movement within Islam. Eventually women and gay people are embraced by Islam, with female clergy and gay marriages commonplace and with abortion rights a new Muslim priority.

SWEPT AWAY 2013 (2013) – In this remake of the 1974 Lina Wertmuller film Swept Away by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August, a male leftist college professor and a male blue collar worker clash on a cruise ship. When they become stranded on a desert island the snobbish leftist learns that his academic background is useless in such a situation and the blue collar worker he pompously insulted now has the upper hand in the relationship. Keeping the stranded pair the same sex drives home the story’s message in a much clearer way.


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  1. Naomi

    The Burqua was my favorite! I like this type of blog post!

  2. Wesley

    Things Aren’t What They Seem needs made yesterday!

  3. Brian Hibbs


  4. Lexanna

    I would so go to see all these!!!

  5. Annabel

    I want to star as the Crimson Imam!

  6. Elaine S

    Hollywood would be way too scared to make any of these!

  7. Marge

    I wish these were real! Don’t do that to me!

  8. Alden

    Excellent take!

  9. Metrice

    These movies would shake up the powerful and the close-minded!

  10. Tula

    I like the marvelous way you do political satire through these fake reviews!

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