Reader Daniel Kibblesmith reminded Balladeer’s Blog that I had not followed up my reviews and revisions of the original Killraven stories (1973-1976) at Marvel Comics with my usual collection of links in one handy blog post. Here we go:

Killraven 1WAR OF THE WORLDS – Jonathan Raven, rechristened Killraven in the gladiatorial circuit of Earth’s alien conquerors of the “future,” leads a group of Freemen in an attempt to retake the planet. CLICK HERE   

THE SIRENS OF SEVENTH AVENUE – After learning the truth about Earth’s alien conquerors AND about his possession of “The Power” (a pre-Star Wars variation of the Force), Killraven leads his Freemen against genetically modified women called Sirens as well as against assorted other post-apocalyptic threats. CLICK HERE

Killraven WarlordTHE WARLORD STRIKES – On the run after the destruction of their Staten Island rebel colony, Killraven and his Freemen run afoul of the Warlord, a human quisling who has wanted revenge against the rebel leader ever since he escaped from the gladiatorial pens. CLICK HERE 

THE MUTANT SLAYERS – The Freemen are joined by scientist Carmilla Frost and her monstrous creation Grok as they battle the Warlord and an assortment of mutated Earth creatures and deadly beasts from the aliens’ home planet. CLICK HERE 

Killraven five washington nightmareWASHINGTON NIGHTMARE – The Freemen arrive in alien-occupied Washington DC and meet Mint Julep, a female rebel leader who aids them in rescuing Hawk and Old Skull from the slave market which the alien overlords run at the Lincoln Memorial. CLICK HERE

THE LEGEND ASSASSINS – The High Overlord, leader of Earth’s alien conquerors, broadcasts what he assumes will be Killraven’s execution to a worldwide audience, hoping to help snuff out human hopes of overthrowing the aliens. CLICK HERE

Killraven seven For he's a jolly dead rebelFOR HE’S A JOLLY DEAD REBEL – The Freemen and their new ally Mint Julep clash with the High Overlord, slave hunter Sabre and Abraxas the slave auctioneer in alien-held Washington DC of the future. CLICK HERE

THE DEVIL’S MARAUDER – Headed west to find Killraven’s brother at Yellowstone Park, the Freemen come across the Indianapolis Speedway, which the aliens have converted into a testing ground for their futuristic war machines. CLICK HERE

Killraven nine something worth dying forSOMETHING WORTH DYING FOR – At Battle Creek, Michigan the Freemen clash with a group of human survivalists who zealously guard their resources against all outsiders. CLICK HERE   

THE DEATH BREEDERS – In Milwaukee the Freemen encounter Volcana Ash, a genetically altered human who is being hunted by human quisling troopers called Death Breeders. CLICK HERE

Killraven 11THE DEATH MERCHANT OF CHICAGO – Volcana Ash leads the Freemen to the alien fortress called Death-Birth, where the human quislings Atalon and the Sacrificer command the Death Breeders in raising Earthlings like cattle for the alien overlords who eat human flesh. CLICK HERE 

THE HELL DESTROYERS – The Freemen struggle to liberate the thousands of Adams and Eves being bred as food for Earth’s alien conquerors while Atalon, the Sacrificer and the forces of Death-Birth try to stop them. CLICK HERE

Killraven day monuments shatteredTHE DAY THE MONUMENTS SHATTERED – Along the banks of Lake Michigan the Freemen make their last stand against Atalon, the Sacrificer and the Death Breeders. CLICK HERE 

THE REBELS OF JANUARY AND BEYOND – While the Freemen remain on the run after the destruction of Death-Birth, the High Overlord faces political consequences over his failure to kill the rebels. CLICK HERE

killraven sing out loudly death REALSING OUT LOUDLY … DEATH! – The Freemen encounter a colony of human survivors in West Virginia, where those humans survive only by sacrificing their children to an intelligent creature from the home planet of Earth’s alien conquerors. CLICK HERE

FANTASIA IN PSYCHEDELIC SOUND – Killraven and his Freemen face unexpected dangers in the ruins of a pre-invasion mural phonics structure. Meanwhile the mysteries of “The Power” deepen. CLICK HERE

Killraven death in the familyA DEATH IN THE FAMILY – The enigmatic being called Skar at last tracks down the Freemen outside of Chattanooga, TN and engages them in a battle which sees the death of two Freemen. CLICK HERE

FUTURE-SHOCK – The time-traveling Spider-Man meets Killraven in the midst of battle and learns the nightmarish future awaiting the Earth under its alien conquerors. CLICK HERE   

Killraven 24 hour manTHE TWENTY-FOUR HOUR MAN – In the ruins of Atlanta, Killraven and his Freemen battle to stop the reign of terror of an alien monstrosity called G’Rath and his hybrid son Emmanuel. CLICK HERE 

DEATH’S DARK DREAMER – Killraven’s use of The Power leads him to a pre-invasion structure in which a former human space explorer preys on passersby with the odd powers he gained in space. CLICK HERE

Killraven Red Dust LegacyRED DUST LEGACY – In their most destructive strike since Death-Birth, the Freemen raid an alien breeding center in Georgia. Meanwhile the High Overlord prepares Killraven’s brother Joshua – rechristened Deathraven – to slay the rebel leader. CLICK HERE 

ARENA KILL – The Freemen spend New Year’s Eve with a group of Florida rebels led by Brother Axe. Old Skull’s origin and his first encounter with Killraven are recounted. CLICK HERE

Killraven mourning preyTHE MORNING AFTER MOURNING PREY – The Freemen – including their newest members Huey and Louie – battle a bizarre humanoid butterfly-woman and her offspring in the heart of the Okefenokee Swamp. CLICK HERE 

SLOW FADE OF AN ENDANGERED SPECIES – My hybrid look at Sabre and Melissa Siren (Killraven and his Freemen) battling the armies of the Overseer (High Overlord) and Blackstar Blood (Deathraven) in the remains of post-apocalypse Disney World. CLICK HERE 

Killraven graphicLAST DREAMS BROKEN – Killraven, now in control of his ability to invade the minds of Earth’s alien conquerors, leads his Freemen against the alien fortress at what used to be Cape Canaveral. CLICK HERE

COCOA BEACH BLUES – Jenette Miller, a surviving Earth astronaut from the pre-invasion era, joins the Freemen in their plans to destroy Cape Canaveral and with it the High Overlord’s Project Regenesis. CLICK HERE

Killraven in his glory daysBLOOD AND PASSION – Carmilla and M’Shulla continue arguing over her pregnancy while Killraven and the others encounter his brother Joshua, little dreaming that he is really working for the High Overlord. CLICK HERE

LET IT DIE LIKE IT’S THE FOURTH OF JULY – The Freemens’ raid on Cape Canaveral leads to their showdown with the High Overlord, Keeper Saunders and Deathraven PLUS the final revelations about The Power. CLICK HERE

Killraven cornerKILLRAVEN: THE END – My hybrid look at Sabre, Deuces Wild and Summer Ice (Killraven and his Freemen) facing execution at the Yellowstone Park fortress of their foes and journeying through the nuclear wasteland of Oklahoma. CLICK HERE 


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