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Clouds Without WaterWhat better way to mark April Fool’s Day than by commemorating one of the wittiest and most daring of practical jokes, one perpetrated by Aleister Crowley in those brilliant years before drugs and/or self-delusion fogged his mind. Decades before the pathetic “Peekaboo Crowley” of much renown Aleister was still churning out some very enjoyable poetry – some of it brilliant. The Sword of Song and Konx Om Pax are my favorite volumes of verse by “the Laird of Boleskine” … AFTER Clouds Without Water, that is.  

Clouds Without Water was not Crowley’s only literary practical joke, of course, but the humor of it resonates to this very day, thanks mainly to the never-changing air of pious self-righteousness that afflicts most of the world’s clergy-members. And not just pious self-righteousness but a habit of condemning in the strongest language works of art which their self-limited minds clearly don’t understand.

THE JOKE: Clouds Without Water was published under one of Crowley’s pseudonyms – Reverend Charles Verey. It was circulated to various ministries and teaching colleges allegedly as a condemnation of “the type of atheism and socialism” that the young and the bohemian were embracing. Crowley – writing as Reverend Verey – wrote a foreward and a closing prayer for the volume of poetry as well as (when you know the full story) HILARIOUS footnotes expressing the kind of simplistic moral outrage that only the most narrow-minded of holy-rollers can spout.  Continue reading

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Brianna Wright: Poet, swimmer and dramatic performer on Youtube

Brianna Wright: Poet, swimmer and dramatic performer on Youtube

Brianna Wright is a very talented and lovely young lady from the U.K. She is an inventive writer and gifted poet who has a wonderful way of giving dramatic readings of her own work on her Youtube channel. This teen of many gifts is also an excellent swimmer and is home-schooled by her parents. Brianna’s family’s dog George the Whippet was a big hit here at Balladeer’s Blog a few years back so I was thrilled to get this interview with his intriguing owner. Read on for Brianna’s blog and Youtube information. 

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Who are your favorite poets?  

BRIANNA WRIGHT: Walt Whitman, Lewis Carroll but I also read a lot of contemporary poetry.

BB: Are you still interested in operas?

BW: Yes, I am still interested in operas although I am no longer aiming to Continue reading


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