Mascot with demo and repub headsDemocrats were furious when other Americans freed their slaves. Ever since then Democrats have been race-baiting, condescending and bullying to black voters who challenge their political party machine. Democrats think black people are only “officially” black if they shut up and obey the Democrats.

Candace Owens refuses to take orders from the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, the spoils system, the Japanese Internment, the Trail of Tears, Tammany Hall and Jim Crow. Here she is with another Profile in Courage, taking hypocritical white Democrats to task:



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CentenarianTHE CENTENARIAN (1822) – Written by THE Honore de Balzac. Thirty-one days of Halloween continue here at Balladeer’s Blog! The Centenarian or The Two Beringhelds was one of the “quickie” novels that Balzac wrote in his early career, this one under the pseudonym Horace de Saint-Aubin.  

Balzac himself looked down on The Centenarian and other early works that he churned out for quick money like the Pulp writers of a century later. Still, this work has value, just like the early Pulp stories from writers like Tennessee Williams, Dashiell Hammett and others. Plus I’m a Napoleon geek so I love immersing myself in the time period in which the novel is set.

The title character is really Count Maxime Beringheld Sculdans. The Centenarian was born in 1470 and led an adventurous life, supposedly even serving as a ship’s doctor when Columbus visited the New World. During his wanderings across the globe Count Maxime studied all the medicine and related sciences that he could.

Under the Rosicrucians the Centenarian learned various secrets of alchemy, including universal healing powers and immortality. Those last two secrets often worked hand in hand: Maxime would use his powers to mystically withdraw the illness or injury out of a sufferer but his “fee” was the draining of the life essence of another person in return. 

Honore de BalzacThe Centenarian leeches out the vitality of his victims but NOT by sucking out blood like a vampire. He drains their life force via alchemical means with his “medical” equipment. By the time of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, Count Maxime has grown a bit weary of his eternal life in typical Gothic style.  

In recent centuries our title character has devoted himself to secretly watching over his family line, mysteriously saving their lives or killing off their enemies at crucial periods. The Centenarian has most recently intervened in Spain during the Wars of the French Revolution, saving the life of his descendant General Tullius Beringheld.

Intrigued, Tullius seeks out information on his enigmatic savior and eventually learns the Centenarian’s true identity and about his supernatural nature. By this point (the 1790s) Maxime’s body is misshapen. His arms are emaciated but his torso and legs are thick and muscular.

He is unusually tall but the skin on his head is so thin that his  scalp and facial features resemble a living skull. He smells of the grave but his powers of healing make others treat him with fear and respect despite the awful fee he demands.  

The Centenarian’s additional powers include immunity to hanging and other forms of mortal injury. He has superhuman strength and his fiery eyes can induce fear, paralysis or death. He can read minds and teleport as well.   Continue reading


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Freddy's NightmaresBalladeer’s Blog’s month-long celebration of Halloween continues with this song. Everyone remembers Alice Cooper’s youthful depiction of Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver. (I’m KIDDING!) Here’s Cooper with his song No More Mr Nice Guy.

If Alice Cooper aka the pre-Marilyn Manson version of Marilyn Manson isn’t enough of a tie-in to Halloween for you, just remember that No More Mister Nice Guy was also the title of the very first episode of the horror anthology series Freddy’s Nightmares. My review of that series is HERE  

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EnablersHere’s an appropriate political cartoon about the shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers who reportedly served as enablers of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults and/or rapes. For decades, supposedly.

Hollywood hypocrites like this are always lecturing the rest of us about these types of crimes, which would be like Catholic Priests lecturing the rest of us about the molestation of little boys.

And along the way now George Clooney has been accused of helping to blacklist women who tried to come forward against Weinstein.  


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Dylan DogDYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT (2010) Halloween Month continues with a look at the luckless Brandon Routh’s turn as this film’s title character, Tiziano Sclavi’s horror hero from Italian comic books. Sclavi launched Dylan Dog’s series in October of 1986 and under various creative teams the series is still running.

(Years ago I reviewed the film version of Tiziano Sclavi’s Dellamorte Dellamore from 1994.) 

Dylan Dog, an investigator of vampires, werewolves and other monsters, is an international cult hero beloved by comics fans around the world … which, of course, meant that any deviation from what the fan-boys wanted would cause them to hamstring the movie adaptation at the box office. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.

In my opinion Dylan Dog: Dead of Night does not deserve its bad reputation. Compared to the many, many other films and television programs about heroic battlers of the paranormal this was certainly a top shelf production. The fact that this cinematic adaptation came along decades later than it should have is the main problem.  

Dylan Dog 2Let’s go by the numbers, knowing full well that budget and projected box office returns limited many of the creative decisions:

I. The Dylan Dog comic book was set in London (?). This movie was set in New Orleans, a change of locale that I actually like, given London’s overuse in horror films. Needless to say, this put the worst type of fan-boys in a VERY bad mood right off the bat.

II. The creative team behind Dylan Dog: Dead of Night kept the mood light. I agree with that choice given the inherent campiness and absurdity of an investigator who encounters werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc in horrific settings that are often reminiscent of Film Noir detective stories. The worst type of fan-boys bemoaned the “lack of the sad and serious tone of the comic books.”

III. In the comic book Dylan Dog’s sidekick in his investigations was Groucho, a Groucho Marx impersonator whose built-in craziness caused him to BE Groucho 24/7. For obvious legal and monetary reasons an American film version could not use Groucho as Dylan’s sidekick. The worst type of fan-boys were even more disenchanted.

Dylan Dog 3IV. The cinematic sidekick for Dylan was a new creation – Marcus, played by Sam Huntington, who had previously appeared with star Brandon Routh in the ill-fated Superman Returns (2006).

(Poor Routh. If only he had also starred in Frank Miller’s 2008 movie The Spirit he could have notched an all-time Hat Trick for starring in unfortunate comic book adaptations.)    Continue reading


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Islamophobia posterHere at Balladeer’s Blog I devote a lot of space to those courageous Muslims who take on the fanatics in their own faith PLUS the condescending white Westerners who think that ONLY Muslims who hate the Western World are “authentic.”

For the flip side of that here’s another look at JUST A FEW recent attacks by Muslim fascists empowered by Democrats in the U.S. and by Labour in the U.K. and by  “educators” (LMAO) everywhere: 

October 14th: Mogadishu, Somalia – Another reminder that even in majority Muslim nations Muslim fascists will always go on killing other Muslims who don’t worship in the exact same way that the Muslim fascists want them to. Two Muslim fascist suicide bombers detonated two trucks, killing THREE HUNDRED TWO innocent people and injuring FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE more.  FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

September 10th: Fakirabazar, Myanmar – Muslim fascists killed EIGHTY-SIX innocent people for being Hindus instead of Muslims. Coexistence! FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

October 16th: Nkiedonwhro, Nigeria – Fulani terrorists – the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine – killed TWENTY-NINE innocent people. FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY. 

September 8th: Ancha, Nigeria – Fulani terrorists – the local franchise of the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine – killed 19 innocent people and injured 5 more, all because the victims were Christian instead of Muslim. Coexistence! FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.  

September 11th: Sinai, Egypt – Agents of the Islamic State (Obamastan), which was spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq, used a suicide bombing to kill 18 innocent people and injure 7 more.  FACEBOOK BANS NEWS ITEMS ABOUT THIS STORY.

Continue reading


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Halloween Month rolls along with another musical shoutout. This one goes out to Ione Skye’s father Donovan with Season of the Witch.



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