Obama Islam

… And he certainly has, hasn’t he?

My sympathy goes out to the latest victims of Islam. A Muslim gunman in Orlando acted on behalf of the Islamic State, hence the plural title.

As I’ve stated in the past there are people dear to me who are female and there are people dear to me who are gay. I know how they would be treated in a world full of people too cowardly to challenge the superstitious savagery called Islam. Once again the blood-soaked fanatics of that most backward of all religions have done nothing but kill and kill and kill – in this case simply because their targets were gay.    

Islamophobia posterBarack Obama, the weakest, most inept and most cowardly little man ever to be president still cannot bring himself to condemn radical Muslims. Instead, that gutless and hypocritical champion of transgender bathrooms wilts like a flower when faced with REAL hatred and intolerance.

Obama compounded his idiocy by calling for GUN CONTROL to prevent incidents like this! Uh, yeah, Little Barry, Muslim fanatics are going to say “Oh, darn! Foiled again!” when faced with the need to break laws to obtain weaponry. Barack lives in that same realm of unreality that the gutless American Left refuses to leave.


This barely human political robot has just convinced me that people who act snobbish about Donald Trump are delusional weaklings. NOBODY could be a more embarrassing president than Little Barry Obama.

American Liberals, with their reaction to yet ANOTHER slaughter courtesy of Islam, have demonstrated once again why so many of us stopped considering ourselves Liberals. If you Liberals EVER develop enough backbone to criticize anybody IN ADDITION TO white, Christian, Americans – get back to me.

And for any pieces of garbage who can never be bothered to defend any religion EXCEPT Islam, don’t waste my time. I consider ALL religions to be irrational and blood-soaked, it’s just that I don’t follow your cowardly example by pretending that other religions are “just as bad” as Islam in this day and age.




  1. interesting read as always. this guy claims he is doing this in the name of islam and isis has taken claim but in the information i am hearing there is no tie other than the gunman’s words. I am curious about how you feel towards donald thrump.


    • Hello! Good to hear from you!
      The Orlando Muslim acted on the Islamic State’s open invitation to target Americans – he even complied with the part about calling the cops to say you’re striking on behalf of said Islamic State. Same deal with the Muslim in France today who killed a police commander AND his wife.

      I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t play this game of obsessing about “which group in the crazed assembly of Muslim fanatics did one particular person belong to.” The Muslim World has played that game to the hilt over the decades, trying to distract people about whether or not a particular attacker represented this group or that group.

      I generally wait to see who officially becomes the nominees at the conventions for the Dems and Repubs and then research the 3rd Party candidates. So,I have not paid a huge amount of attention to much of what Trump or Bernie Sanders had to say this year but I will say it was good to see so many Democrats and Republicans showing how fed up they are by at least entertaining the possibility of outside-the-box thinking.

      That’s about all I can say about him so far, and you know me – if I was supporting him I would come out and say so, no matter how much flack it brings my way.

      One thing I CAN say at this point is that I think people are being snobbish if they look down their noses at him and Bernie. As if Obama and George W Bush weren’t complete disasters? If the many gaffes of Obama and Hillary were covered as repeatedly as Trump’s were and with the same “Apocalypse is nigh!” panic THEY would looklike absolute jokes as well.

      Okay, TWO things I can say – He has NEVER said keep out all Muslims forever – he said to impose a temporary halt until the vetting backlog can be sorted out. Anyone who is rational can see the benefit of that at this particular time. The deranged media is practically BEGGING people to get so fed up with their lies about Trump that they will support him just out of resentment. A large part of his current support may already be coming from people who feel that way. The members of the American media are lying dirtbags.

      • this is one time i dont know what to think. is it not fair to say a lot of the terrorist actions are caused by the west’s involvement in the middle east over the decades?

      • Hello! Sorry for the delay. In general I’ve gotten to the point where I reject those claims from the jihadis (because let’s face it – accepting their excuses implies that there was something that could be done so that they wouldn’t be attacking non-Muslims and I no longer believe that.)

        But for discussion outside of the murderous fanatics themselves I’m always glad to ponder that question. In Omar Mateen’s case his call to the police SPECIFICALLY STATED Obama’s drone strikes on other Muslims were part of what motivated him. Of course our scuzzy media had to protect Little Barry and pretend this was a Gun Control issue.

        Uh, yeah. As if Jihadis have never used bombs or knives or piloted planes into buildings.

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