Katy PerryWow! What kind of fool thinks you can actually address the problems of the real world with brainless, sugar-coated nonsense like this! Doesn’t she realize there are some people who won’t care what feelings you express toward them?

Doesn’t Krazy Katy understand that sometimes you are dealing with irredeemably destructive people who have no intention of reciprocating any civilized gestures made toward them? When dealing with such hatred and savagery does Katy seriously think this kind of warmed-over mush can accomplish anything?

I can’t even … OMG and LOL, dude! BLOCKED!

Yes, I know that in real life Krazy Katy endorsed this approach to dealing with savage religious fanatics who commit suicide bombings over and over and over again … and who rape underaged girls over and over and over and over again. And who throw gay people off the roofs of buildings to kill them.

Yes, with those people the shallow little Katy Perry and other hypocritical cowards of the political left advocate love and hugs. But with people who simply VOTE a different way? Dude, such people are like, literally HITLER! 


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