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Here at Balladeer’s Blog I often get asked why I criticize both American Liberals AND American Conservatives. American Liberals are usually the ones who are stunned that other people don’t share their high opinion of themselves. That makes it as much fun to puncture the pomposity of American Liberals as it always was to lampoon holier-than-thou Christian Conservatives.  

*** AMERICAN LIBERALS ARE BIGOTS WITH SELF-CONSTRUCTED HALOS: The hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism have AT LEAST as many prejudices and bigotries as anyone else ever has but they go around convinced that they are THE moral models for the rest of the world.  

What’s even funnier is when the cowardly hypocrites who now call themselves Liberals try to take credit for the past accomplishments of courageous people. I mean the kind of courageous people who took stands when they faced genuine danger for doing so. American Liberals are gutless wonders who try to act like they would have had enough backbone to openly oppose the Nazis or 1950s blacklisting.

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No, “Liberals,” it’s pretty clear that you would NOT have been brave enough to do so. Right now you have the opportunity to openly oppose the violence, homophobia and misogyny of Muslim fanatics but you’re too cowardly to do so. Instead of speaking out about those modern-day versions of Nazis you ally yourselves with them, especially the repulsive Liberals of the “academic” (LMFAO) world who seem willing to be Kapos for Islamofascism.

Even worse you ignore and even try to CENSOR Muslims who courageously speak out against the fanatics, even blocking them from speaking at universities. The preening jackasses of the American Left support ONLY Muslims who hate the west and who want to live in the past. Continue reading