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The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

It’s no secret that American Liberalism has alienated countless former allies with its insane fondness for ONLY the most backward, misogynistic and homophobic elements of Islam. Not only do Liberals pompously dismiss Muslims who embrace the West and the 21st Century as “Western Triumphalists” who have “internalized Western oppression” but Liberals have also become THE biggest obstacle to adult discussions about Muslim violence.  

ALL attempts to discuss Muslim violence get stagnated at the simple-minded pee-pee ca-ca level because American Liberals always think they’re being deep by pointing out the obvious – that not all Muslims go around killing people. Well, not all gun owners go around killing people, either, but you’ll never hear Liberals saying that means we should NEVER discuss mass shootings. But hey, it’s not news that American Liberals are spineless hypocrites.

Even though it’s a given that not all Muslims are terrorists the shallow, preening jackasses of the American Left STILL act like they are bringing some heavy-duty thinking to the argument by reciting that same tired refrain over and over again. That’s because American Liberals care only about their own egos and their pretensions. In their adolescent drama-queen minds they think they’re fighting battles of the past. Battles whose outcomes are already known.

liberals crying racismIn the deluded minds of American Liberals they are taking on mobs of ignorant people who just don’t understand that not all Muslims use violence. Ironically, the only Muslims who benefit from this refusal to openly discuss Muslim fascism are the violent, reactionary types who perpetuate misogny, homophobia and all of Islam’s other examples of intolerance and savage superstition. (Killing people for drawing pictures? Really?)  

So, while the rest of us adults try to discuss ways of dealing with the fanatical and violent Muslims in the world, American Liberals – always so far behind they think they’re ahead – will continue to retard those conversations by childishly pretending that it is going to be shocking news to us that not all Muslims are terrorists. (Not all Americans owned slaves, either, but Liberals will certainly NEVER claim that it’s wrong to blame all white Americans collectively.) 




  1. Amy

    Well said! The entire nation needs to have a conversation about Muslim violence.

  2. This a thousand times over! Liberals are so cowardly and they try to pretend they’re being multicultural to cover it up.

  3. YES! This a thousand times! Liberals cannot discuss it like adults they just want to pretend you don’t know that not all muslims are terrorists.

  4. Amy

    Dam right! Mature conversations about the number of violent Muslims mixing in with the peaceful ones must have room to take place.

  5. You are being played and manipulated by Jews.

  6. Very true! Liberals will not discuss any problem that does not let them blame white people or the western world in general.

  7. Alice

    This alliance of Islam and the left is very dangerous for the rest of us.


  9. The End will surely arise from all this clash of faiths.

  10. Kimberlee

    Muslim violence gets scarier by the year and liberal morons get more reluctant to talk about it by the year.

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