Welcome back to Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I feel neither Bill Clinton nor Donald Trump deserved impeachment. It’s a cheapening of the process. 

My reasons can even be found in the Democrats’ own Washington Post. Links are below but first some excerpts:

Kathleen Parker noted that “to (her) disappointment,” “the case for impeachment simply isn’t there.”

The even more fiercely anti-Trump David Von Drehle took shots at Democrats Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler for their strategy and tactics in this debacle which I feel has not convinced anyone that wasn’t ALREADY a Trump-hater.

Per Von Drehle: “This offense that House Democrats can’t be bothered to fully investigate, can’t be troubled to thoroughly document, can’t discipline themselves to coil into a mortal blow – this is the very worst thing any president could conceivably do?”

David also pointed out that Schiff has failed to pursue this investigation through the courts. (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: That’s because there is absolutely no proof of anything and Schiff seems to know it.)

At least Bill Clinton faced a fair and constitutional proceeding. The Democrats, under the leadership of the seemingly senile Nancy Pelosi, have violated every previous procedure for pursuing impeachment, for all purposes admitting that they fear Trump will get reelected in 2020 and that this travesty is being mounted out of sheer desperation.

We need Third Parties.




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  1. Cara

    It seems to me that both the ‘impeachment’ dramas were more to save the fake news media than anything that would actually have an impact in the real world.
    They went to town with the Bill Clinton drama – every talk show host who had lost mojo, every failing newspaper, all got back into it with that story. It distracted everyone from everything – an example of what the media could do once upon a time.
    They thought they’d wield the wand again by doing a Trump impeachment, and show everyone who’s the real boss of America.
    They already knew no one gives a damn for any of the presidential candidates either of the parties is going to put on the stage for those “debates”.
    So they thought they’d do this impeachment drama and make their various cartoon characters – both anti-Trump and for-Trump (looking forward to 2024) get some lovely juicy prime time in the media.
    I only read any “news” on this blog but I sense that no one’s really interested in the media dramas for better or worse anymore.
    They’ve pulled out their worst weapons and come up short. They couldn’t even entertain. And they’ve made it all so much worse for those they were supposed to make to look good through this impeachment drama.

  2. Cara

    The balladeer cartoons in your posts are so kick-ass cool.

    Isn’t it funny how the symbols of the two national parties in the US are both animals not native to the US or Europe for that matter?

  3. Renfamous

    I agree. There is no case for impeaching President Trump.

  4. Brenda

    President Trump is a great man, unlike his enemies.

  5. Bailey

    President Trump has done a great job and this impeachment was a joke.

  6. Ham

    President Trump is the new Abraham Lincoln.

  7. Tilly

    It’s good to see a sane person still works at the post.

  8. Harry

    When even the Washington Post says this you’d think people would listen.

  9. Melany T

    The Democrats are such trash.

  10. Kelly

    President Trump did nothing wrong so of course there’s no case for impeachment.

  11. Donald Trump has been one of the greatest presidents ever and I say that as someone who hated him when he was first elected.

  12. Babs

    President Trump is fighting for the poor!

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