Mascot with demo and repub headsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that criticizes BOTH Democrats AND Republicans. Just as I still believe Bill Clinton did not deserve to be impeached I still believe Donald Trump does not deserve to be impeached.

Poll results (link below) show 56% of the VOTERS opposing impeachment, with Independent Voters (voters who grew up and abandoned the now-useless Democrat vs Republican paradigm) opposing it by double-digits. Many other polls reflect majority opposition to impeachment by varying percentage points.

#WalkAwayThis may be why the Democrats are now threatening to refuse to send the impeachment articles they voted on over to the Senate. This refusal takes the already disgusting kangaroo court they’ve been running and making it an absolute atrocity. Democrats are reducing impeachment to a partisan threat to hold over a sitting president’s head.

If you want to talk BI-PARTISANSHIP, there were a few Democrats who courageously voted NO on the impeachment articles plus Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard merely voted “present,” refusing to dignify the Democrats’ sham that’s been hopelessly tainted by what Gabbard calls its “partisan” nature.

I’m a former Democrat who chose to #WALKAWAY from the party over its increasingly fascist and intolerant nature. Now, this ugly distortion of the impeachment process can be added to so many other Democrat atrocities: 

*** Remember the implied threat involved by the Democrats publicizing the addresses and phone numbers of the members of the Electoral College after the 2016 election? Violence and/ or the THREAT of actual violence were the only reason to do that, and they did it to try to get enough Electors to not cast their official vote for Trump. 

Imacon Color ScannerTRAIL OF TEARS: Democrat President Andrew Jackson openly ignored a Supreme Court decision and subjected Native Americans to the hardships and large-scale deaths in forcibly moving them along what became infamous as the Trail of Tears.

THE SPOILS SYSTEM: Democrat Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren became synonymous with the Spoils System, under which political hacks would be placed in high positions. Those positions were ideal for graft and other corruption and for abusing authority to force their subordinates to serve the Democrats, NOT the public.

Plantation slavesSLAVERY: Anyone who knows American history knows that the Democrats fought to preserve and extend their beloved “Peculiar Institution” of slavery just as obstinately as they fight today to preserve and extend Islam’s Gender Apartheid and their beloved Peculiar Institution of Sharia Law.  

Hell, slavery meant SO much to Democrats that they callously divided the nation in a Civil War to try preserving it. In typical Democrat fashion they watched wave after wave of young men die for their hate-filled cause. It would not be the last time. 

Roger B TaneyTHE DRED SCOTT DECISION: In the years leading up to the Civil War DEMOCRAT Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger B Taney was responsible for the Dred Scott Decision which claimed that African-Americans were not people and therefore had no rights. Democrats still blame the rest of us for this outrage, too.

THE KU KLUX KLAN: Democrats were so resentful that other Americans freed their slaves that they formed the KKK to torment, terrorize and harass freed African-Americans. A century later they would perfect the practice of pretending moral superiority over the rest of us for what THEIR party was responsible for.    

And yes, Democrats, I know your standard excuse will be “That was a long time ago. We’re better people now.” Well if YOU PEOPLE can say it, then it also applies to THE REST OF US, TOO. So get down off your soap boxes and quit lecturing the rest of us about the “diversity” your political party opposed for so long. 

Jim Crow LawsJIM CROW: Democrats used every underhanded legislative and judiciary trick their bigoted minds could come up with to keep violating the rights of African-Americans. They did this for a century, then gave into the inevitable and embraced the long-active Civil Rights Movement.

Most of the hard and dangerous work in that Civil Rights Movement had already been laid out by the point in the 1960s when the Democrats co-opted it. Over the years, the Democrats would try to take credit for the entire Civil Rights Movement even though THEY were the ones the Civil Rights Movement was FIGHTING for so long. (Martin Luther King, Jr – like Abe Lincoln – was a Republican.)

RACE-BAITING: Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s oft-quoted, less than altruistic remark about the Democrats’ hijacking of credit for the Civil Rights Movement was this: “We’ll have them nigras voting for Democrats for the next two hundred years!”  Indeed the Democrats would, while giving African-Americans precious little in return for their votes.  

Most sickening are the 1960s generation of Democrats who made a hobby out of the real-life suffering that African-Americans went through. Yet, in true Democrat fashion, those pretentious asses now lecture the rest of us about “White Privilege.”

JAPANESE INTERNMENT: Yes, even the WW II internment of the Japanese – ANOTHER outrage that the Democrats love to blame on the rest of America – was done by a Democrat President. Democrat Supreme Court Justices like Hugo Black upheld it. 

ATOMIC BOMBS DROPPED ON HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI: You guessed it – a DEMOCRAT President – Harry S Truman – okayed dropping both bombs.

SEIZURE OF THE STEEL MILLS DURING THE KOREAN WAR: That same Democrat President seized the steel mills during the Korean War when labor trouble threatened steel production.

DEATH-THREATS TO THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: See the opening paragraph of this item. This ugly “innovation” of the Democrats also means that future elections may not be over on Election Night. They may drag on with the campaigning all the way until the Electoral College meets in December.

DISTORTION OF LIBERALISM: Democrats of the 1960s generation distorted Liberalism into a philosophy that was critical ONLY of the Western World.

DISTORTION OF THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: 1960s Democrats who spend their lives hiding in the prolonged adolescence of the “Academic World” (LMFAO) distorted all levels of the educational system into one big Democrat Voter Drive.

Alleged “teachers” at all levels encourage their students to hate United States President Donald Trump and everyone else who refuses to obey the Democrats.

And yes, the Republicans are repulsive, too, but they don’t try to present themselves as “the official scolds” of the nation like the sanctimonious fools called Democrats do. +++  


FOR MORE ON LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE:   https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/

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  1. Of course he deserves impeachment. He is a clear and present danger to democracy and to the rule of law. The sooner he is gone the better.

    • That’s silly. I used to have to call out these kinds of frantic drama queen statements when zealots would irrationally say Obama was “a Muslim sleeper agent” or that Bush was “worse than Hitler.” People may want to grow up and accept that Trump is simply a president they don’t like without playing this absurd “danger to democracy and the rule of law” nonsense.

      My light-hearted takes on presidents from Eisenhower to Trump show how I criticize both parties without having to resort to “Oh my God it’s the end of democracy” silliness. Here’s the link: https://glitternight.com/2017/02/19/american-presidents-from-eisenhower-to-trump/

      • *** Being held for moderation ***

      • Simply restating the same groundless and discredited accusations does not take the conversation anywhere and it usually just means someone is trolling. On the same level I can simply point out that President Trump has done more to help the poor and the working class than any other president of my lifetime, as just one example. I even know personally dozens of families his policies have helped, including by bringing back jobs the previous president claimed “ain’t comin’ back.” To show that you’re not trolling and deserve to have this comment show go ahead and list 10 things you like about what President Trump has done and 10 things you don’t like about what he has done. I can do those lists with any president no matter how much I personally dislike them. If you do that I’ll know you’re being sincere and know what you’re talking about. If you can’t that will show me you’re simply an irrational Trump-hater who will insist he was guilty no matter what happens in the Senate … Just like the Bill Clinton-haters who still leave me comments insisting Bill was guilty.

    • No. Your stats are off. I fact-checked them. You’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to make up your own facts. This is like the CNN commentator who refused to believe their own network’s poll when it showed the majority oppose impeachment. I go by polls of likely voters (which is why I capitalized the word voters in the blog post) since those have more of a history of accuracy.

      You’re new here so I’ll point out that I daily use sites on both sides of the issues, not just one. Some of the Democrat sites I read daily are the NYT, WaPo, Mother Jones, The Hill, CNN, MSNBC, even HuffPo. Some of the Republican sites I read daily are the WaTi, American Thinker, Townhall, Breitbart, Free Republic, The Other McCain, even Gateway Pundit. I always tell people on both sides that if they refuse to read sites on both sides of the issues then they are too partisan to take seriously. Especially if they play the game of saying their side’s sites are “the truth” and the other side’s sites are “biased.” As if they’re not showing their own bias by discounting sites that say things they don’t like or don’t want to face. I’m not saying you did all these things, I’m just clarifying this for you like I do with other new people who question my info. I often get both sides trying to tell me that anything that contradicts info from their own cherry-picked site is off.

  2. Cara

    on your adoration of T. Gabbard’s “only” voting ‘present’.

    This is exactly the sort of game the Dems have played all along. They know their game’s lost, so they’re very very slowly changing track using the latest dolls to make it look like there’s still some human in there. That’s how they’ve kept their party going despite all the horrific things they’ve done.

    How easy was it for them to establish T Gabbard in the imagination – they just had Crooked Hillary say she was a russian asset. LOL It was that easy. Overnight T. Gabbard, another flaky character out of nowhere, whose only claim to fame is being slightly better than the other venomous liars and ‘looking harmless’ arrived on the scene; like AOC (of course Boston University seems to be playing a very big role these days in supplying these characters).

    But other than that this post truly deserves a standing ovation. It’s more than ‘opinion’, it’s ‘critical and vital history’ because its these things the fake news media hide that could totally change the way people see things in the present.

  3. Cara

    What they’re doing to Donald Trump, bullying and harassing the elected President of the United States, trying to stop the one man that actually works for the people, it’s not just a crime in the legal sense of the word, it is a crime in the spiritual sense of the word, a SIN.

    All those who sat around using the excuse of being part of their party or whatever, while this SIN is being done, are going to face the consequences of it even if they don’t directly participate in it.

    The people of the past would’ve been horrified at how these ‘senators’ supposed to represent the people who voted for them, supposed to have some character, – both Democratic and Republican stay “present” for the daylight crime being done.

    What an expose it is on the sort of utterly characterless and sold out, soulless puppets they are. On both sides.

    There are some Republicans even trying to capitalize on the situation to get some tv time.

  4. Anette P

    Nice to see people who defend President Trump. He has helped the working class so much.

  5. Sharon

    I really enjoyed you smacking down that uninformed jackass Benn Bell!

  6. Geena

    Good for you for slapping down that Benn fool. He is such a jerk at other people’s blogs.

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