Obama making a face

The UNFIT Obama at his most presidential

Balladeer’s Blog has been one of the many sites around the world puncturing the silly myth that Barack Obama is competent. I’ll point out again that I’m sure future African-American presidents really WILL be capable people, but it’s ridiculous to pretend that Little Barry has been anything but a disaster. (Psst! I’m neither a Republican NOR a Democrat, so stop typing your accusation.)

To add some variety to my usual trashing of the weak, inept and crooked little man who thinks he can afford to call anyone ELSE “unfit” for the presidency, here’s a link to a terrific bit from the Boston Herald. Carr nicely lists some of the COUNTLESS incidents we’ve had where Obama was revealed as the idiot that he is. It just never got the apocalyptic coverage that other candidates get subjected to. First an excerpt: 

Unfit for office?

Let’s talk about that…

Obama at wheel

The most UNFIT president in American history.

“Brave talk from a guy who thinks there are 57 states, that they speak Austrian in Austria, that they speak Arabic in Afghanistan, who pronounced the state he lived in for three years as “Mass-a-tu-setts,” who pronounced corpsman as “corpseman.” Who thinks the Transcontinental Railroad was “intercontinental.”

“He described Eric Holder’s wife, a physician, as a “nationally renowned ohbee-gynee.” He misspelled “Syracus” on his NCAA brackets sheet. He is utterly tongue-tied without a teleprompter. He makes “recess” appointments when the Senate is not in recess.”

Obama I dont always“If he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. His grandmother was a typical white person. The Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly.”

“It never ends with this buffoon. Yesterday, in Singapore, he mangled the name of the country’s founding father. He can’t be bothered acting like an adult.”  

*** To read the rest

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  1. The rest of us in the world can’t believe you yanks elected Obama twice.

  2. Drop dead hite supremacist.

  3. Excellent! Obama was such a worthless man.

  4. Obama was more than unfit. He was a disaster.

  5. Hal

    I’m confused. I thought you weren’t a republican.

  6. I agree Obama is overrated but aren’t you too tough on him?

    • Actually, the more that keeps coming out about how Obama reduced every department in the Executive Branch to a Chicago-level cesspool of corruption the more I think I’m not tough enough on him.

  7. Obama was a truly terrible president.

  8. Useful info to use against Obama’s lying and fascistic followers.

  9. Undeniably Obama was the worst president in history.


    Obama was lower than dirt.

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