Obama supporters BIGI think the labels Liberal and Conservative have become meaningless here in this era of political transition. The Libertarian label has become just as meaningless. Plus I’m an Independent voter, not a member of the Democratic or Republican parties. I can objectively state that Barack Obama is the very worst president the United States has ever had.

Obama is a demagogue who has thrived on race-baiting and on every other method of tearing the country apart into virtually warring camps. He is weak and inept. His administration has been overflowing with scandal since his first year in office but by obstructing the investigations every step of the way this white collar criminal has made it so that probes into even his earliest misdeeds are still dragging on and on. Obama then counts on public boredom with the investigations to provide him with additional cover.   

Obamacare corpseLittle Barry has made health insurance unaffordable for the working class and has caused the loss of countless full-time jobs. He then brags about all the new part-time jobs that have sprung up. This piece of garbage hasn’t even been good for the Democratic Party. As Rory Cooper and others have pointed out, under Obama the Democrats have lost over 900 seats in state legislatures, at least a dozen gubernatorial seats, 69 seats in the House and 13 more in the Senate.

Truly a pathetic and worthless little man who personifies failure and all of the worst elements of party politics. 




  1. Dont hold back how do u really fill about him?

  2. Hal

    Obama is a disgrace to his race – the human race.

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