Obama crying gun control

At least Michelle and the kids think I’m a passable president.

Barack Obama is often called weak, inept and crooked. He’s proven that he is a horrible public speaker when he doesn’t have the crutch of a teleprompter. His actions have been struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court MORE TIMES THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. His policies have caused widespread pain and suffering for the working class and the poor.

In other words this piece of sewage from the cesspool of Chicago politics deserved every bit of snubbing and insulting he got from the real world leaders at the G20 summit in China. The refusal to give Obama the dignified greeting that the real world leaders received, the unflattering descriptions of Obama that the real world leaders gave to the media, all of it.

Barack is a pathetic little man who has been outperformed every step of the way by every other world leader – excuse me – every other REAL world leader – he ever dealt with. He’s an embarrassment and a weakling whose abilities never matched his fawning press coverage. It’s hilarious to see this pompous jackass get the treatment he deserves.  




  1. I think the US is held in less high regard around the world and if that arse hole Trump gets in, it will be even less.

    • I know how you feel. This chaotic campaign year has proven the validity of my countless rants about the need for viable 3rd parties over here.

      With 2 corporate-owned political parties as the only realistic players it was inevitable that we would wind up with a year like this.

      Oh, and I don’t care what other countries say about us, but since the Democrats invest so much into that it’s hilarious to see their silly little man Obama get so thoroughly and completely dissed like this.

      • They should limit the money that can be spent on campaigns to say $10 / $15 million and that would more people a chance

      • I agree with that 100%! Trouble is, the people who legislate such things AND all the judges who rule on the constitutionality of such things all belong to the same two corporate parties that are owned by the same bloated rich pigs.

        That’s why I always go on and on about additional political parties being our only realistic hope for peaceful change. Breaking the “shared monopoly” that the DemCorp Party and the RepubCorp party have over our electoral and nominating system seems like the only way out.

  2. Liz

    What’s your favorite way they dissed him?

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