Obama at wheel

Proud father of the Islamic State (Obamastan) and of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program.

In his recent commencement speech at Howard University Little Barry Obama told the graduates that people who do well in life are just lucky and it “wasn’t nothin’ they did.”

This means Obama has finally gained enough self-awareness to realize how LUCKY he was to go to all those private schools, get entry to educational institutions and stay there despite his low grades just because he was LUCKY enough to be in a country with Affirmative Action. (He could have mentioned the fact that that’s how Michelle got into her college, too, since her grades weren’t good enough, either.)

It also means Barack acknowledges how LUCKY he was to be in the right place at the right time to pointlessly race-bait his way to prominence in the cesspool of the Chicago political system. Then he was LUCKY enough to be the man selected to speak at the Democratic Convention and gain his first national attention.

Prancing Buffoon

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** He’s such a bitch!

From there he was LUCKY enough to go up against Hillary Clinton in 2008 for the Democratic Party nomination. He was also LUCKY enough to follow George W Bush, a repulsive bloated rich pig. And he was LUCKY enough to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize his first year in office, based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Most of all he was LUCKY enough to be up against a Republican Party being run by the most clueless, gutless and insipid fools to ever walk the planet.

Thanks, Barack, for acknowledging that absolutely NONE of the things your fascistic followers mindlessly think are your accomplishments were nothing but LUCK. You had nothing whatsoever to do with any of it.  

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