donald-trump-and-flagHate-group BLM (Motto: You can’t spell “bowel movement” without BLM!) pulled the usual crybaby maneuver that Trump-haters are often guilty of.

They ran a poll regarding how many people approve of President Trump’s performance in office. When our de facto Third Party President Trump got SIXTY-TWO percent APPROVING of his performance the forever-dishonest BLM DELETED THE POLL.

Hilarious! I’ve lost count of how many times now that organizations which hate Trump have tried this. If a poll goes against President Trump they act like it’s absolute proof about how people feel. When a poll goes in Trump’s favor they bury it or just plain delete it. Too funny!

Luckily, screen shots were grabbed before the Klansmen of Color at BLM deleted their own poll.


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  1. MR

    I enjoy your writing, but…

    When white folks complain of feeling persecuted, we applaud their nobility and bravery. When black folks do the same, we balk in horror.

    I’ve made a number of (very modest) donations to the local chapter of BLM. It is not a hate group. BLM is happy to make common cause with civil libertarians of every race.

    • Hello again! Always good to hear from you! I disagree about BLM. I consider them to be founded on the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie and to be WAY too tight with the BDS and Palestine crowd. The black witnesses to the Mike Brown incident testified that he did not have his hands up and that he charged the cop who then shot him.

      We will probably just have to agree to disagree about BLM. However, I never take shots at the NAACP or even the SPLC, so I have no problem with African-American groups which try to fight this unfair world. I just don’t consider BLM to be on the same level with the NAACP and SPLC.

      Just like I take shots at Al Sharpton but not Jesse Jackson for similar reasons.

      But like I said, I’m content to just agree to disagree with you on BLM. No hard feelings meant on my part, so hopefully none meant on yours, either.

      And just to let you know I often get called “Nigger Lover” and more because of many of the things I write, and when I was younger I had to go through even MORE of that type of accusation from white racists. Anyway, here’s a link to one of my articles that gets me hit with “Nigger Lover” and similar labels:

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