Infinite Horizon 1

Infinite Horizon #1

With the Suicide Squad movie hitting theaters, I was reminded again of how comic book-crazed Pop Culture has become. In the spirit of my 2015 examination of Australian-made superheroes here’s a brief look at the ORIGINAL SIX members of the Israeli superteam called Infinite Horizon (Adiri Atchelet).

Ofer Zanzuri created the team in 2004. If the response to this post is as great as it was for Australian superheroes I’ll feature the two newer members of Infinite Horizon.


Secret Identity: Reuben Bachar, MD

Powers: Doctor Z’Roa can stretch and morph his limbs into a variety of shapes and sizes. Think of him as being a combination of the Marvel Comics hero Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards) and the Marvel Comics villain the Sandman, but with his powers localized in his limbs alone. He has elements of DC’s Metamorpho, too. 

Doctor Zroa 2

Doctor Z’Roa

Comment: The good Doctor’s superhero name comes from Z’Roa, referring to the shank limb portion of the sacrificial meal in Jewish rituals. Reuben Bachar is the family man of Infinite Horizon, with a wife and five children.

AtsumTITAN (Atsum)

Secret Identity: Ofer Muklabi

Powers: Titan/ Atsum is more than 9 feet tall, can grow much larger at will and is possessed of upper echelon super-strength and invulnerability. Think of the Hulk or the Thing and you get the idea. 

Comment: Titan’s height and super-powers made him a freak among his friends and family and caused him to be ostracized until recruited into Infinite Horizon. 

There are vague, enigmatic hints that Titan may be descended from the Nephilim, the giants in Biblical myths. For instance Goliath was descended from the Nephilim as well. Is Titan a “good” example of that group who will someday be caught up with by the “evil” Nephilim? Stay tuned!   

HaayalGAZELLE (Haayal) 

Secret Identity: Moshe Muklabi

Powers: Gazelle is possessed of super-speed, incredible agility and contortionist-level dexterity. He’s the Ofer Zanzuri Universe’s answer to Flash at DC and Quicksilver at Marvel.  

Comment: Moshe is from the same wealthy family as Titan. He’s the youngest member of Infinite Horizon and his super-powers make him even more brooding and alienated than most other teenagers. Gazelle is a bit cocky and is often rash in the heat of battle.  

Splendor BESTSPLENDOR (Hadar)

Secret Identity: Karen Abutbul

Powers: Splendor can increase or decrease her bodily mass like the Marvel Comics figure the Vision or Shadowcat from the X-Men. This means she can fly, pass through walls and such, disrupt matter and energy fields plus pack a potent punch.

Comment: When this superheroine’s powers manifested themselves she accidentally destroyed her family’s home. The incident was covered up and Splendor was recruited into Infinite Horizon. 

Karen’s parents are divorced and her mother – whom she lives with – suffers from alcoholism.  

Koltan 4 seatedMONITOR (Koltan)

Secret Identity: Eyal Shahar, Retired Israeli General

Powers: Monitor has the power to perceive, intercept, redirect and “monitor” radio waves, data streams, sound waves, old-form television signals and other similar items. This power applies all the way down to the molecular level.   

Comment: Monitor is sometimes kidded about his comparatively advanced age by the other members of Infinite Horizon. His costume has changed from this early green and purplish-gray to a mostly purple look. He still sports the suit-coat and tie look, though, like the Clock, the Spirit and so many other classic superheroes.  

Professor Lahat

Professor Fever 

PROFESSOR FEVER (Professor Lahat)

Secret Identity: Professor Ariel Fidelman

Powers: Professor Fever’s body can generate incredible levels of heat but not actual flames. His powers enable him to fly, affect the environment in his vicinity to cause storms or intense winds and can even melt objects with his touch. (“Heeeee’s too MUCH!”) 

Professor Lahat 2

Professor Fever  in action

Comment: A side-effect of this Israeli superhero’s powers is incredibly slow aging. The Professor is a survivor of the Holocaust and, though in his late 80s, appears to be a much, much younger man.




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  1. Ken

    This is such a badass team of superheroes!

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