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Biden art of the feelTHANK YOU TO THE BERNIE BROS WHO POINTED OUT THIS VIDEO TO ME. In reality, people who hated Trump 6 months ago still hate him and people who liked him 6 months ago still like him. The Democrats and their media outlets love to subject us to the same Trump-haters over and over again, pretending it means something. Their “polling” from Harvard/ Harris claimed a 12 point lead for Hidin’ Biden over de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

When you dig for the hard data – which pollsters fight giving up because it reveals their prejudices – we see that the poll sampled 1,868 voters, 34% Democrats, 33% Independents and 22% Republicans. SO: They sampled 12% FEWER Republicans than Democrats and, coincidentally enough, their poll showed Biden UP by roughly 12%. Gee, how authentic.

Biden papersMeanwhile, Senile Joe Biden emerged from his bunker once again for a tightly-controlled event AND STILL BLEW IT, YET AGAIN! Watch as the demented fool claims that 120 MILLION Americans have died from the Coronavirus, then, wonderfully, the screen glitches on the “D’OH!” look Joe got on his face when he realized his stupidity. Biden and his people cannot run small campaign events, let alone the country. Watch the whole video.  

Joe Biden’s disastrous series of appearances under the most gentle circumstances are a reminder of how he and his staff lack fundamental competence and BERNIE SANDERS may well have won the nomination if the Democrat power brokers hadn’t stolen it from him to hand it to Biden.

Joe Biden senileRegarding the actual 2020 campaign, it is still anybody’s race, but the Democrats are trying to intimidate the nation with their rioting and their disastrous “autonomous zones.” And their push for mail-in voting everywhere is obviously so that they can insist that “all the votes haven’t been counted yet.” This lets them see how many votes they need to win certain states and, as we’ve seen in the past, Democrat-run areas will MIRACULOUSLY find enough “uncounted” votes to reach those levels.

But until then, remember the Democrats want to defund the police and their hot new childish chant is “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground.”


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masc chair and bottleHere at Balladeer’s Blog my skepticism of polling during such an odd time period is well known. In fact, bizarrely enough, I’d like to see a poll regarding how many people distrust polls!

Anyway, a recent poll (link below) found 95% of the respondents were distrustful of the corporate media (and with very good reason). Some of the reasons cited were “spreading fake news”, “propaganda instead of news”, “reporting gossip” and “celebrity opinions.”

On the plus side it’s nice to see that mass media dishonesty has united the rest of us. Getting 95% of the public in any poll to agree on something is the kind of thing that only monumental dishonesty could engender. Continue reading

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Squad to reelect TrumpBalladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that equally criticizes both Democrats and Republicans. Recent polling has demonstrated that in Americans’ perception of de facto Third Party President Trump, the four Democrats called the Squad (Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley) and Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Trump has much higher approval ratings.

As always I’m wary of polling but I have to laugh at the way that anti-Trump fanatics insist polls are THE measure of the national mood … except when those polls say something they disagree with.

At any rate the poll showed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a favorable rating of just 30% … Rashida Tlaib with a mere 26% favorable … Ilhan Omar with an even lower 25% favorable … and Ayanna Pressley bringing up the rear with just 24% favorable. And then we come to Nancy Pelosi. Continue reading

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Trump peeing on CNNAnti-Trump loons have had a VERY bad last couple of days. The Fake News outlets of the Democrats ran with ANOTHER false story – this one about Trump supposedly ordering Cohen to lie ONLY TO HAVE ROBERT MUELLER HIMSELF PUBLICLY POINT OUT HOW WRONG IT WAS.

Also this week a poll done by the Democrat outlets NPR and PBS showed that President Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic voters has gone up by 19%. As always I’m very skeptical about polls, especially after the beautiful way Hillary lost in 2016, but it’s always funny to watch anti-Trump loons froth at the mouth when the polls they live by poke them in the eye.   


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donald-trump-and-flagHate-group BLM (Motto: You can’t spell “bowel movement” without BLM!) pulled the usual crybaby maneuver that Trump-haters are often guilty of.

They ran a poll regarding how many people approve of President Trump’s performance in office. When our de facto Third Party President Trump got SIXTY-TWO percent APPROVING of his performance the forever-dishonest BLM DELETED THE POLL.

Hilarious! I’ve lost count of how many times now that organizations which hate Trump have tried this. If a poll goes against President Trump they act like it’s absolute proof about how people feel. When a poll goes in Trump’s favor they bury it or just plain delete it. Too funny! Continue reading


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