Biden art of the feelBIDEN HAS KIDS IN CAGES (like during Obama’s and Trump’s administrations). Oh, that’s right, anti-Trump fascists never really cared about kids being in cages, they just wanted to use those kids as a political stick to attack Trump with. Now those hypocrites are back to not even pretending to care about such things. Anti-Trumpers apparently won’t complain about Joe Biden’s kids in cages.

Already Articles of Impeachment have been filed against Biden, and the YT video of his make-believe “inauguration” has THIRTY-NINE THOUSAND DOWN-VOTES and only four thousand up-votes. Hilarious!

Well, as Senile Joe Biden launched his war on the working class by destroying thousands of jobs already and has alienated multiple U.S. allies  while tear-gassing peaceful protesters here’s a reminder of what a supreme dolt the Pretender is: 

The Best of Biden Infomercial – YouTube




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  1. The whole of it (you full well understand my intention) is rife with material for a long-running sitcom, horror flick, or slapstick parody. I’m personally backing away from corruporations championing lunacy, tyranny, domination, and destruction of freedoms; life will be tough enough without Amazon, Costco, facepages, yewboobs, and others, but my overriding concern is not that “they” will come for me, but that those around me could suffer. So I tread carefully, patiently. Besides, in the present liberal media (including MSM “news” (a.k.a. “spews”), publishing, film, radio and television, and commerce) dominated environment what vehicles are there to get the “message” to the ignorant masses? Strongly suspect what will unfold will be more fun to watch than the Three Stooges, Keystone Kops, Twilight zone, Tales from the Crypt, and Looney Tunes, all at once. Sadly, simultaneously tragic.

    • I understand exactly how you feel. Those fascists labeling over 74 million people “Domestic Terrorists” are slobbering totalitarian psychopaths. There is Gab, Parler is trying to come back, plus I’ll post another article in a few days with other alternatives to the Technofascists. I agree that we’re in for a sitcom/dark comedy like something from Sartre and Camus tossed into those examples you cited. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  2. Someone

    According to the post in the image, Biden has reversed the EO that saved people getting insulin and epinephrine. Unbelievable! What a disgusting puke of a human being.

    Why do Democrats hate Americans so much?

    • I don’t know, but this is another area where the failure of the worthless Republican party to keep up with the Democrats in the media arms race is so harmful. If they were able to make as big a media deal out of this type of thing as the Dems always do about any stories which put their targets in a bad light they might be able to get such actions reversed.

  3. Someone

    Buttplug was okay with the loss of thousands of jobs and billions in investment in the Keystone pipeline.


    This guy can’t help it! He loves hairless puss! I heard when he gets sleepy, they wake him up with a Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Popper.

  5. Tia S

    Joe Biden is a senile fool.

  6. Tom Taft

    Very funny! I love it!

  7. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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