#WalkAwayMany readers have been asking me why I don’t do my own #WalkAway article about how I was driven away from the Democrats by their unhinged fascism. Basically because ever since 2010 many items here at Balladeer’s Blog have ALREADY BEEN my #WalkAway testimonials. I’ve also featured other former Democrats who came to feel just as disgusted long before this whole, beautiful #WalkAway movement began. 

Rob SmithAnother one of the latest #WalkAway heroes is Rob Smith who is black and gay and is fed up with the way Democrats treat black people and gay people like they own them. The link to the item is below, but first some excerpts:

“Rob Smith represents everything Democrats fear most in the #WalkAway era.

A black, gay, Army veteran, Smith became so sick of false narratives from liberals, and the perpetuation of a victimhood mentality that he decided to switch parties …” 

Donald Trump never called racist till running against Democrats“I think for me, I got so sick of the lies. What they were telling black people,” Smith said. 

“Smith, who grew up a Democrat, said the party is all about keeping people in line.

“I think Democrats use identity politics to keep people in line,” Smith explained. “To keep black people in line. To keep Latinos in line. To keep gay people in line. I’m black and gay, and I have seen them use the same tactics for black people as they do for gay people.”

“After being asked if it is harder to come out as a gay person or a Republican, the vet offered a telling response that captures the state of today’s Democratic Party. –

““I didn’t lose friends when I came out as gay. I’ve lost friends since coming out as Republican,” Smith said. “People do not understand it and these are the… left, that’s supposed to be so tolerant and inclusive. These are the people who were the first to shun me … ” 





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