mascot new look donkey and elephant headsBy way of this general announcement I will once again remind the ridiculous poseurs who refer to themselves as SJW’s that, if they expect me to allow their comments to show – comments in which they absurdly refer to themselves with that hilariously pretentious and grandiose SJW label – then they have to address me as a “Heroic Defender of Freedom.”

Doing so might just convey to you what silly “only child” jackasses you look like to other people when you use that lame SJW title.

First – Calling YOURSELF an SJW is as meaningless as the way some of you compound this narcissistic idiocy by labeling yourselves a “Public Intellectual” on your social media home pages. Face it, if you’re reduced to designating YOURSELF as an intellectual – public or otherwise – you’re probably not one.

Second – The term “Social Justice” is as ridiculous as the Right-Wing terms “Family Values” and “Patriotic American.” Reasonable adults will not necessarily ever agree on the meaning of such silly generalities. Everyone knows when SJW’s and their ilk refer to Social Justice they REALLY mean only their own definition of it – a definition polluted by their political prejudices and self-centered drama queen tendencies.

Third – “Warriors” do not simply file a complaint about every person who says something they disagree with. “Snitches,” “Crybabies” and “Informants” do, however. So consider picking one of THOSE words and adding its first initial to the SJ part and you’ll have a more accurate description of yourselves.     


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26 responses to “SJW’S: LOSERS OR JUST FOOLS?

  1. i sure you have heard of qanon movement? i do not understand what, who, and why? any comment on this this to clear the mind?

    • Hello again! Unfortunately from what I’ve seen a great deal of the Q-Anon stuff seems like just conspiracy kook stuff. I’m not saying that everything from Q-Anon is wrong but a lot of it seems unsubstantiated or far-fetched. I’m always open to discussions about how corrupt our elected officials are but Q-Anon’s claims seem like too much. But I could be wrong, of course.

      • Yea, i be read up on them, saw “q” signs at rally’s but still don’t understand, seem to be just spouting off. Thanks

      • No problem. At this point I don’t take QAnon seriously.

      • Something else I’d like to ask, what are your thoughts on the media. I know for some time the media tries to influence but does it feel this is more intense today?

      • Oh, hell yeah. Any pretense at objectivity faded long ago and their Trump derangement has made it clear they are pure propaganda.
        They have been caught in countless lies about Trump, which only helps him since it’s so blatant. As always it’s what they refrain from reporting that is almost more telling than what they DO report on.

  2. yeah I know it bothers when only one side is reported like all those videos of cop beatings but as always there are two sides to every story and regarding the beatings I want to know what was the provocation. I listen to the cbc online for news just the half-hour daily which they report events from both sides but do not dive deep which is enough for me, here the news, no matter left or right, is bias. sad.

    • I know how you feel. I seek out at least 5 or 6 left-wing sites and 5 or 6 right-wing sites per day plus a few overseas news outlets and I’m often amazed at what the American sites choose to leave out of the story. Back in 2010 or 2011 I was already comparing our distorted media to what left-wing and right-wing radio shows were doing to polarize people in Spain shortly before the outbreak of their Civil War from 1936-1939. Things have gotten worse and worse over the past 8 years.

      • It is disheartening. So now for an off the wall question: why is it in westerns a given town is always building a gallows as if first hanging someone?

      • Ha! I like that! Many towns would burn down the gallows after using them for superstitious/ religious reasons. (Today it would be a tourism issue). Some lynch mobs – after hanging an outlaw – would either cut off the branch the noose had been tied to or in more extreme cases would cut down the entire tree. If the lynch mobs themselves didn’t cut off the branch or the entire tree then the citizens who found the hanged man or men would do it.

      • I had no idea not even the tree limb! So the gallows would be burned after each hanging or after several when the jail cleared? Superstitious and reliogn wow!

      • Yep. In the town itself it may have been a “public image” issue even back then. I guess they didn’t want new arrivals to think “Wow, this must be a high-crime place if they’ve got a permanent gallows erected here.”

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  4. Tina

    Wow this was a thorough smackdown of brainless SJWs!

  5. Banner

    I say they’re both.

  6. LaSondra

    SJWs are the worst!

  7. Heather Kenealy

    Why can’t they be both?

  8. Lindsay

    This made me laugh so hard! They are so pathetic!

  9. Karen N

    SJWs are such trash.

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