Balladeer’s Blog’s retrospective of the Best of 2018 rolls along with this look at August’s Best.

Boone MayBOONE MAY: NEGLECTED GUNSLINGER – The three-day Frontierado Holiday Weekend kicked off with this look at the underrated gunslinger Daniel Boone May, better known as just Boone May.

Calling someone “the deadliest gun in the Dakotas” makes people think of Wild Bill Hickok but actually that title belongs to Boone May. (Most of Wild Bill’s kills happened years before he drifted into the Dakotas.) CLICK HERE 

Mascot new lookSJW’s: LOSERS OR JUST FOOLS – SJW’s are the modern-day equivalent of those primly disapproving religious nuts who spent their lives trying to impose their own uptight notions of right and wrong on other people. Except SJW’s are even more annoying. 

For this particular blog post CLICK HERE

Moona Lisa with skullLOST MOONA LISA FOOTAGE SURFACED – Balladeer’s Blog’s love of the old Movie Host Shows of the past has been well-established. Moona Lisa (Lisa Clark) has been featured here since 2011.

Some old 1970s U-Matic Video Recorder footage of Moona Lisa’s show had surfaced back in August and I was happy to alert fans to this and to provide info on the auction of the long-lost material. CLICK HERE   

Rob Smith#WALKAWAY MOVEMENT CONTINUES – This item examined the continuing #WALKAWAY Movement, the exodus of so many of us former Democrats from the party because of Democrats’ increasing fascism, intolerance and snobbery toward the working class. To read this item CLICK HERE

twisted pairNEIL BREEN’S LATEST FILM: TWISTED PAIR (2018) – The Breenius behind movies like Double Down, I Am Here …. (sic) Now, Fateful Findings and Pass Thru struck again with this sci-fi/ social commentary oddity title Twisted Pair.

All Human Breens, as Neil Breen fans are called, owe it to themselves to check out this latest work of the man, the legend. CLICK HERE 

Mascot sword and pistolDYSTOPIA NATION: THE NEW COLONIALISM – This controversial blog post was another in my Dystopia Nation series.

The New Colonialism looked at a hypothetical future of nothing but bloated rich pigs and suffering poor, and with the bloated rich pigs telling themselves they are THE moral authorities for the country. CLICK HERE

Ndakuwang gaSHARK GOD OF FIJI: NDAKUWANG-GA – Balladeer’s Blog’s look at the Gods of Fiji was incredibly popular. 

That popularity prompted this entry on the Fijian shark god Ndakuwang-ga.

For many of that deity’s myths you can read the blog post HERE

CIA John BrennanJOHN BRENNAN: CIA FILTH … PLUS MORE – John Brennan, The Man From S.C.U.M. himself, headlined this look at the ongoing offenses of America’s forever-slimy CIA and NSA.

One of the reasons I used to be a Democrat before becoming an Independent Voter was because of the way Democrats USED TO be openly critical of America’s counter-productive and outrightly criminal “Intelligence Services” (LMAO). These days, though, Democrats applaud the heinous activities of CIA and NSA filth like Brennan. CLICK HERE

Living in HarmonyTHE PRISONER: LIVING IN HARMONY – Balladeer’s Blog’s episode by episode look at this 1967 Patrick McGoohan sci-fi/ existential drama raised a lot of interest.

One of the busiest posts was this look at the episode Living in Harmony, in which the Prisoner found himself living a bizarre Wild West version of his plight. To read it click HERE

Wizards of OROBERT MUELLER: GANGSTER BOSS – Accused rapist and accused suborner of perjury Robert Mueller, the modern-day Martin Dies and Joe McCarthy, was the topic of this blog post.

Mueller’s corrupt “investigation” has been exposed as such a travesty that I would not blame anyone who rejects anything and everything Mueller and his staff of Hillary donors come up with. CLICK HERE

Selleck 2FLASHMAN ITEM: SO HOW WOULD I HAVE HANDLED HIS CIVIL WAR ADVENTURES? – The love for George MacDonald Fraser’s antihero Harry Paget Flashman kept pouring in all summer long.

To meet demand I used this blog post to answer the frequently-asked question about how I would have handled Harry’s Civil War exploits, since I felt Fraser forced Flashman into way too many Civil War historical events, lacking his usual finesse. CLICK HERE

fascists will call themselves anti-fascistsANTIFA IS REALLY KLAN-TIFA – A look at the cowardly masked fascists of Antifa, who are really KLAN-tifa, no matter what they pretend their name is short for.

Are Antifa trash really the same kind of losers who gravitate toward rape and serial killing or are they just white children of privilege play-acting at being members of some absurd pretense of “resistance” (LMAO)? CLICK HERE  

democrat republican awakeDEMOCRATS LOVE CORPORATE FASCISM – The new motto of the Democrats seems to be “Vote all you want – we’ll use our corporate fascist allies to force you to comply with our every bizarre notion.”

For this step by step look at the way bloated rich pigs now use their influence on behalf of the political left instead of the political right CLICK HERE 



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4 responses to “BEST OF AUGUST 2018

  1. cannot agree with you more about sjw’s, lock ’em up!

  2. Vanessa

    Dystopia Nation the New Colonialism was my favorite from these.

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