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The Great God Pan

The Great God Pan

Nearly a century before Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen trilogy and decades before H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror and From Beyond there was Arthur Machen’s story The Great God Pan. Originally published in 1890 and then expanded in 1894 this gothic horror tale was so far ahead of its time that it scandalized readers and reviewers of the era. Even though it came along earlier than Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula Machen’s great work dealt with such a brand of horror and with such adult themes that movies – silent and then early talkies – wouldn’t dare adapting it for the screen. 

Thus denied the cinematic exposure that made names like Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde household words The Great God Pan fell into undeserved obscurity, much like The King in Yellow by Robert W Chambers, a work reviewed previously here at Balladeer’s Blog.

Like so many of the best horror stories Machen’s tale begins with a mad scientist, in this case Dr Raymond, who invites his friend Mr Clarke to witness him perform an operation that represents the culmination of ten years of work in what Dr Raymond calls Continue reading


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“Yeah, our Ambassador and others are dead, whatever. I’ve got a fundraiser in Las Vegas to get to! Just blame it on that Youtube video and see how that plays out.”

Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only Independent Voter site on the web that criticizes both Liberals and Conservatives equally. Even for a sleazy Chicago politician Barack Obama has been caught in an unending avalanche of lies from his campaign biography back in 2008 to all the outrageous untruths that have characterized his entire term in office. Last night even his usual shoeshine boy David Letterman pointed out what a liar Obama is and Jay Leno pointed out how Obama has crippled the American economy.

The weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama has told lie after lie after lie about the Benghazi affair, and this, along with his general “masochism as foreign policy” approach made me decide to run with a Balladeer’s Blog look at how this Democratic version of Richard Nixon might have handled the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. 

(For starters Obama would have been too busy with fundraisers and tentative spin doctoring to even address the nation until sometime around January 24th, 1942. And that’s being optimistic since he still refuses to face the press – even the pro-Obama press – over his lies about Benghazi)

My fellow Americans, I speak to you today as a special guest on the Fibber McGee and Molly radio show. I am addressing you this evening about the Continue reading




Freddy's Nightmares

Freddy’s Nightmares

FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES (1988 – 1990) – With Halloween just one week away what better time to examine this series! I’ve always been a Freddy Krueger over Jason Voorhees kind of guy. I found Voorhees a dull imitation of Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, plus it isn’t even Voorhees doing the killing in at least two of the Friday the Thirteenth films. Throw in a mention that the boring as hell slice and dice man didn’t even don his iconic hockey mask until the third movie. Now add the fact that no matter how bad some of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels were NONE of them were as lame as so many of the FT13 flicks.

I always thought the Continue reading


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NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) – 1. GEORGETOWN (KY) TIGERS (helmet at left)    ###    2. MARIAN UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS    ###    3. MISSOURI VALLEY COLLEGE VIKINGS    ###    4. SAINT XAVIER UNIVERSITY COUGARS (defending champions)    ###    5. CC FIGHTING SAINTS    ###    6. MORNINGSIDE MUSTANGS

NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) – 1. NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE RED RAIDERS (helmet at left)    ###    2. GREENVILLE COLLEGE PANTHERS (2011 Victory Bowl runners up)    ###    3. MCMURRY UNIVERSITY WARHAWKS    ###    4. KENTUCKY CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS    ###    5. CHOWAN UNIVERSITY HAWKS    ###    6. Continue reading


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Night of the Scarecrow

Night of the Scarecrow

With Halloween almost here the seasonal posts here at Balladeer’s Blog are increasing in frequency. This time around I’ll examine four neglected horror films that are thoroughly macabre and are certainly graphically gruesome enough for today’s audiences but for some reason don’t have the followings they deserve. 

4. NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (1995) – A big reason for this film getting lost in the shuffle is no doubt the fact that it is frequently confused with Dark Night of the Scarecrow, a telefilm with Charles Durning. This flick is in a whole different category. A warlock in 1600’s America is killed by the holy roller townspeople, with his soul being trapped in a scarecrow and his bones buried in a coffin beneath that scarecrow.

In the 1990’s an accident revives the warlock’s soul and unbinds the scarecrow, which sets out for revenge on the descendants of his killers. The scarecrow spent Continue reading


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A DYNASTY IN FREEFALL? – The (10) OSHKOSH TITANS (helmet at left) defeated the (5) WHITEWATER WARHAWKS in a 28-13 rout in their own house yesterday. Not only are the Warhawks the defending champions of NCAA Division 3 football, but they have been one of the two most dominant gridiron dynasties of the past decade. Whitewater has played in the past 7 D3 national championship games in a row against the other D3 football dynasty, Mount Union, and have won 4 of those 7. Oshkosh’s victory over the Warhawks was the 2nd loss for UWW this year, handing them more losses in one year than they had over the previous four seasons COMBINED! Earlier this season the Warhawks lost to unranked Buffalo State in one of their lowest-scoring games of the 21st Century. Congratulations to the Titans, of course, for this historic accomplishment!

HOW ‘BOUT THEM PIONEERS? – The NAIA’s WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY PIONEERS are in their first year of intercollegiate football since the 1940’s but have already logged their program’s SECOND victory of this inaugural season. Yesterday the Pioneers marked their new era’s very first Homecoming with a 58-37 smackdown of the SOUTHWESTERN ASSEMBLIES OF GOD LIONS. Earlier this year WBU notched their revived program’s initial win by taking down the HOWARD PAYNE UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS in a 27-23 nailbiter. To put this 2nd win this season in persepective, Point University and Bluefield are also in their debut seasons but haven’t notched their 1st win yet. Ave Maria University is in year number TWO of their football program but have yet to win a single game.  

TOP 25 UPSETS – NAIA – The 9th ranked ST FRANCIS (IN) COUGARS were on the road against the number 5 WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY STATESMEN and seized another W for Coach Kevin Donley, already the winningest coach in NAIA football history. The final score was 28-19.   ###   … And the unranked DAKOTA WESLEYAN TIGERS toppled the 20th ranked DOANE TIGERS in a 28-24 Instant Classic.   ###   The scheduled game between the number 22 TABOR COLLEGE BLUE JAYS and the MCPHERSON BULLDOGS was canceled to mourn the loss of Tabor football player Brandon Brown.

TOP 25 UPSETS – NCAA DIVISION 2 – The 13th ranked MISSOURI WESTERN GRIFFONS were visiting D2’s defending champions, the number 8 (previously number 1) PITTSBURG (KS) STATE GORILLAS who were fresh off their first loss of the year to Northwest Missouri. The Griffons knocked PSU down even further with a 63-14 annihilation.   ###   The (23) HILLSDALE CHARGERS plucked the feathers off the visiting 14th ranked team, the SAGINAW VALLEY STATE CARDINALS by a score of 34-17.   ###   The unranked HARDING BISONS (they go by Bisons, not Bison) played road warriors and brought down the number 15 OUACHITA BAPTIST TIGERS  34-14.   ###   The NORTHEASTERN STATE RIVERHAWKS edged the (21) CENTRAL MISSOURI MULES in a 24-23 homestand.   ###   The Continue reading


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Fun Fact: Wife Carriers get more endorsement deals than NHL and WNBA players do.

Lance Armstrong has recently joined the heap of other disgraced athletes from around the world. Olympians, soccer players, football, basketball and baseball players all seem tainted by drugs, cheating, domestic violence and a wide range of other scandals. The world turns its lonely eyes to the sole remaining PURE sport … the beautiful game itself – Wife Carrying.

Wife Carrying is a bastion of honesty in a sports world that has been averting its eyes in shame for too long. As an organization Wife Carrying is more professionally run than the Continue reading


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