donald-trump-and-flagThe daily saga of the unlikeliest hero of them all continues! As I’ve often pointed out President Donald Trump is America’s first de facto Third Party President since he has to battle the corrupt, bought and paid-for office-holders in both major parties. In addition Trump has helped the working class and the poor in ways that no other president from either party has done in decades. (see below)

President Trump is not a career politician, which will never change. Even if he gets reelected in 2020 there is no changing the fact that he was never a career politician. He is not a “Made Member” of either of the gangs of white-collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans. He did not spend his life working in the cesspool of corruption that masquerades as our government.

Latinos for Trump phone ladyAnd how can you NOT love the way he kept both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton out of the White House?  

Brian C Joondeph wrote a terrific piece titled Trump is an Army of One. The link is below, but first some excerpts:

The truth was he was never a Democrat or a Republican, at least as they are defined today. Instead he is a problem solver, beholden to no one and not part of the political establishment. His loyalty is only to America and those who voted for him, not to the donor classes …”

Trump supporterHe was not part of either party’s ruling cabal, having never held elective office or political appointment. He did not campaign or arrive at the White House with an entourage of advisors and staff, from previous stints as a governor or senator. Trump was an army of one.”

Fortunately, Trump is a fighter. No other Republican could withstand the daily blistering barrage from the media and both political parties ganging up on him to destroy his presidency.”

gays-for-trump-betterDespite being an army of one, Trump is more than willing to fight back with all his might. In his famous speech from October 13, 2016 he said, “But I take all of these slings and arrows for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back.” 




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  1. Someone

    Trump has done a lot and I voted for him. I was disappointed with the selection of an anti-gun attorney general; people like this have no place in any government office. He could sign some executive orders on the immigration issue but won’t though I agree even the worthless GOP is against him.

    • I understand, and I would certainly never say I like every single thing he has done, but I get so tired of the way he has to fight both parties. I’m just taking whatever positives he can accomplish because we will sure as hell never again see an outsider who is rich enough and thick-skinned enough to even TRY defying the sewer of Washington DC. To me it’s like Theodore Roosevelt with his anti-trust efforts. Critics of TR often go at me by saying his efforts were a lot of fight but with only periodic wins but I always reply the way I do with Trump: considering the overwhelming nature of the forces opposed to Teddy I give him props for even the small progress he made.

  2. Des

    I am so pleasantly surprised by Donald Trump’s presidency. I was horrified to have to choose between him and Hillary Clinton, and I almost didn’t vote. But he has proven to be a true patriot and I have really changed how I feel about him. He bought us four more year of prosperity and stability. Your point about keeping Hillary and Jeb out of the Whitehouse is a great reminder of where we could be now. Great Post!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I know how you feel about Trump. He would have been among the last people I would have predicted would make a great President but he has been amazing. He’s also willing to fight and mix it up every day with the filth called American career politicians.

  3. Pauline

    Awesome! President Trump really is facing them all alone, like JFK.

  4. Nellie

    I hope Trump withstands our crooked government’s attack on him.

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  6. Jennifer

    President Trump was like JFK. They couldn’t buy him so they got rid of him.

  7. J Malouf

    President Trump fought the power for the sake of the poor.

  8. Alvaro

    President Trump is a great man assaulted by tiny crooks.

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