mascot new look donkey and elephant headsHere’s a look at two of the most recent. For newbies, I had been a Democrat for much of my life until Obama’s disastrous and damaging presidency helped motivate me to become an Independent Voter. His callous, clueless, comfortable and uncaring supporters helped, too. I distrust both the Democrats and the Republicans. Trump is a de facto Third Party President.  

Trumping Obama's legacy***

Obama legacy on side of road.


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  1. Des

    Love that truckload of bald tires! The first thing that came to mind was the “cash for clunkers” scheme which proved to be yet another drag on the economy. Another misfire by the Obama presidency, which turned out to be the biggest clunker of them all.

  2. I’ve grown to respect and cheer for President Trump.

  3. Alan

    That Obama on the bottom of Trump’s shoe is classic!

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