hiloBalladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the grand and exciting Hawaiian epic about the goddesses Pele and Hi’iaka.


Hi’iaka, the fern goddess Pa’u’o’pala’e and the mortal woman Wahine arrived near Hilo. A very rickety bridge across a broad chasm seemed the only available path over the Wailuka River far below. The bridge was erected and guarded by Piliamo’o and Nohoamo’o, two evil sorcerors who had so thoroughly mastered dark magic that they had achieved partial godhood.      

The sorcerors extorted valuables from the people who lived near Hilo and from anyone else attempting to cross their bridge. If anyone refused to pay the pair of sorcerors the price they demanded then the evildoers would cause one of the planks in the bridge to give way during crossing, plunging the victim to their death on the jagged rocks far below. Continue reading

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Super President

Since it’s President’s Day holiday time here’s a look at a long- neglected television series.

SUPER PRESIDENT was an actual cartoon series from the 1960’s that has virtually disappeared. It’s rare to catch a glimpse of this DePatie- Freleng show anywhere or even to find people who have heard of it outside of oddballs like me.

This cartoon was not intended for laughs, like it would be today. It honestly featured a superhero whose “secret identity” was being President of the United States. First off, there’s the absurd fun of the name AND the fact that calling yourself Super President instantly blows your cover anyway, unless you think people are dumb enough to not figure out what you’re the president OF. (The Teamsters Union? The National Egg Council?)  

President James Norcross was our title superhero and like the Fantastic Four a half-dozen years earlier got his powers from a cosmic ray storm. He had super-strength, could fly via small rockets on his belt and as the topper could transform himself into any substance – steel, granite, water, electricity and on more than one occassion – “ozone”. (Ozone?) Super President also had a nifty Omnicar that could drive, fly and serve as a submarine. The Omnicar was stashed in a secret room in the White House that served as SP’s version of the Batcave (How was this addition to the White House added without attracting attention and how much did it cost?). Continue reading

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 I.WHAT’S UP WITH YI?  – Yi the Divine Archer from Chinese mythology deserves to be remembered in one breath with some of the other great heroes and monster slayers from belief systems around the world. Most people are only familiar with his feat of shooting down multiple suns that appeared in the sky one day, but this article will provide a light- hearted look at all of his fantastic adventures.  Continue reading

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Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party


American Liberals have become incapable of appreciating art and literature. Instead they pompously and intolerantly dissect ancient works of visual and written art looking for nothing but (yawn) racism, sexism, white privilege, colonial narratives, “the male gaze” and all their other paranoid obsessions.

They have no appreciation for beauty in any form. American Liberals have no identity outside of their political opinions so when they ponder the magnificent creations of past geniuses they use it as an excuse to pat themselves on the back about how much more “enlightened” they consider themselves to be than the brilliant people who created those works.  

Jesus says libs and cons both suckIt’s a very empty way to view the past and it’s also pointless. It’s only natural that people living in different time periods separated by a few hundred or a few thousand years WILL HAVE VERY DIFFERENT NOTIONS OF RIGHT AND WRONG.

And y’know what, Liberal snobs? People centuries from now will look back on YOUR value system and condemn it for not being the same as theirs. Do you really care if – long after you’re dead – pompous jackasses just like you sit around, sip wine and repeatedly reassure each other that they are morally superior to you?

CONSERVATIVES – Continue reading

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En No OzunuRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I consider all religions to be mythology, which people are usually fine with unless it’s their own personal religion I’m examining. At any rate En No Ozunu is revered as the founder and most active mythical figure in the belief system called Shugendo, and in some offshoot cults of Shugendo as a virtual patron deity of ninja practices and ancient weather forecasting.

Practitioners of the Shugendo faith are called Yamabushi and their belief system fuses elements of Shinto, Ainu, Buddhism and Taoism along with features of shamanism and the ancient Japanese reverence for mountains, all of which are considered sacred ground in Shugendo.

The ninja connection is very big in popular culture but actually the Ainu are more technically the originators of many ninjutsu practices. For an even bigger pop culture tie-in there are versions of the En No Ozunu myth in which he is the father of Sadako (Neil Sadako?), the female figure in the Ringu novel plus its Japanese and American film adaptations. 

En No Ozunu supposedly began his existence on Earth when he was born to a mortal woman who was Continue reading

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Islam and slavery1. The Muslim World has been a violent mess since the 7th Century, so a lot of people need to stop pretending that Islamic nations were peaceful until the supreme ass George W Bush came along.

2. The Muslim World was running the African slave trade long before the Western World got involved in it, and that same Muslim World STILL practices slavery.

3. As has been pointed out, in countries where Muslims are a minority they demand “tolerance” yet in countries where Muslims are the majority there is NO tolerance.   Continue reading

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Hawaii WaimanuBalladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the grand and exciting Hawaiian epic about the goddesses Pele and Hi’iaka.


Fresh off her destruction of the gigantic shark-monster Maka’ukui, Hi’iaka led her two companions – the fern goddess Pa’u’o’pala’e and the mortal woman Wahine – as they renewed their quest to reach Kauai. 

Their path next led them into the jungle around Waimanu where the monstrous creatures called the Mahiki terrorized the vicinity. The Mahiki were lizard-like creatures the size of horses and had legs like grasshoppers. These monsters could leap long distances to attack their prey, but had full human consciousness.    Continue reading

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