Glen or GlendaBefore MST3K there was … The Texas 27 Film Vault! In the middle 1980’s, way down on Level 31 Randy Clower and Richard Malmos, machine-gun toting Film Vault Technicians First Class hosted this neglected cult show. Balladeer’s Blog continues its celebration of the program’s 30th anniversary year. 

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Unknown but definitely before May of 1986. One of the old newspaper articles from early May of that year refers to Glen or Glenda as one of the movies having already been shown on The Texas 27 Film Vault. Anyone with more specific info feel free to contact me.

SERIAL: Unknown. Again, if you have info contact me via my FAQ page.  

COMEDY SKETCHES: Unknown. We’ve exhausted the episodes where I DO know the date, serial and sketches. Contact me.

THE MOVIE: Continue reading

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jamestown college jimmiesNORTH STAR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION – There was only one game in this league’s tournament yesterday and it pitted the top seeded UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN JIMMIES against the 6 seeds, the CITY VALLEY STATE VIKINGS. The Jimmies were in control for the entire game and by Halftime had compiled a 48-31 lead. After the break UJ coasted to a 94-65 victory and moved on to the next round. Brequan Tucker’s 17 points led the Jimmies.

Montreat Cavaliers logoAPPALACHIAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE – The 9th seeded MONTREAT COLLEGE CAVALIERS upset the number 8 seeds, the SAINT ANDREWS UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS, in an Opening Round game. The Cavaliers were chasing the Knights the bulk of the game, trailing them 26-20 after a defensive-minded 1st Half. After the break it was more of the same until a 9-3 run to close out Regulation let Montreat tie the game at 61-61. In Overtime the Cavaliers emerged with a 75-68 triumph. Josh Foster led the victors with 18 points.     Continue reading

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Just some more insanity from the religion that is perpetually retarding the rest of the world’s social progress. (I did not compile this and yes, I know the person who did misspelled “seismology” and “gynecology”. I’ve seen similar typos at HuffPo and right-wing sites, too.)

Muslims darnedest




Sun Conference logoThe Sun Conference tipped off their post-season tournament yesterday, joining the hardcourt action in the divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog. Here are recaps of the Opening Round games: 

Webber International Warriors logoThe 8th seeded WEBBER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY WARRIORS hosted the number 9 seeds – the AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY GYRENES in a game that went from being a tight classic to a comfortable win late. The Warriors overcame an early Gyrene lead to hold an 18-12 advantage with 10 minutes to play in the 1st Half. By the break Ave Maria had trimmed that to a 37-33 edge for Webber International. Late in the 2nd Half the Warriors led the Gyrenes 63-41 and coasted from there to a 71-59 victory. Brian Pace led WIU with 23 points.   Continue reading

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Teddi Barrett, who models as Edward Wozniak's Neo-Pulp heroine Mordillo Blush.

Teddi Barrett, who models as Edward Wozniak’s Neo-Pulp heroine Mordillo Blush.

What is coming up at Balladeer’s Blog in the next week or two. So hang around with Mordillo Blush herself for the following:

a) Another look at an ancient Greek political satire

b) College basketball conference tournaments

c) More reviews of Son of the Black Mass films

d) Continuing celebration of the 30th Anniversary of The Texas 27 Film Vault

e) An all-new Saturday feature

f ) More myths from Madagascar Continue reading

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Chicagoland CollegiateThe NAIA’s February Frenzy of conference tournament games got underway last night and as always the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference started things off.

Enjoy the next five weeks of DAILY hardcourt drama in the divisions covered here at Balladeer’s Blog! 

Holy Cross College (IN)The HOLY CROSS COLLEGE SAINTS did battle with the visiting TRINITY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY TROJANS and after a hard-fought opening 20 minutes, held a slim 35-32 lead at Halftime. In the 2nd Half the Saints fell behind by a score of 47-44 but runs of 9-0 and 7-0 allowed them to retake the lead and get separation for their 78-65 win. Drew Moore, Karl Columbus and Darrell McIntyre had 27, 18 and 15 points respectively for Holy Cross.   Continue reading

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mgnewzz.gif (320×350) Covering the myths and deities of the various peoples of Madagascar is a pretty sizeable job to undertake. I decided to use the same approach I’m using with the Americas and take things on a tribe-by-tribe basis.

First off I’ll be tackling the Merina people. Let me emphasize that for my fellow mythology geeks – this list will be JUST about Merina gods and myths. There are a variety of cultural groups from Madagascar, each with their own pantheon of deities, but plenty of mythological reference books do them the disservice of lumping everything into one big category labeled “Madagascar” or “Malagassy Mythology”.

This causes confusion because it would be like lumping gods from Celtic, Norse, Greco-Roman, Slavic, Etruscan and Hittite mythology in one big puddle called “European Gods” with no attempt to break them into their separate pantheons. So if the following gods either are not in whatever reference books you personally use or if your books list a different figure as “Madagascar’s” patron deity of a certain concept there is no need to jump in with objections. I will eventually hit all the cultural groups. 

ITRIMOBE – The primordial sea-beast who lived on the Earth when it was nothing but endless ocean. For untold years Itrimobe enjoyed its solitary subaquatic existence. Eventually it grew bored and set out to examine the parameters of the world it lived in. It swam down all the way to the bottom of the sea, then swam upward as far as it could go and at last poked its head out into the air and sunlight.

Itrimobe swam east, north, west and south but found no land and no way out of the endless ocean. Curious, the entity dug three holes in the center of the Earth and one hole at each end, allowing much of the water to drain. This drainage caused the formation of the continents, which the now-amphibious Itrimobe explored. Unfortunately the blazing sun overhead eventually dried Itrimobe out to a dangerous degree and blinded it.  The remaining ocean water was nowhere near deep enough for the gigantic creature to submerge itself ever again, causing its body to die. Continue reading

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