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Education or indoctrination gifThe hypersensitive and backward-thinking Democrats of America’s “educational”  (LMAO) system are the most narrow-minded and easily offended fools imaginable.

You could probably have found 1600s Puritans more open-minded than 21st Century Democrats, who have hopelessly politicized education and exercise an unhealthy virtual monopoly on every level of the process. (A virtual monopoly they seized by forcing out everyone who disagrees with Left-Wing Archie Bunkers.)

Democrats who pretend to be educators (LMAO) have become incapable of appreciating art and literature. Instead they pompously and intolerantly dissect ancient works of visual and written art looking for nothing but (yawn) racism, sexism, white privilege, colonial narratives, “the male gaze” and all their other paranoid obsessions.

They have no appreciation for beauty in any form. Democrats have no identity outside of their political opinions so when they ponder the magnificent creations of past geniuses they use it as an excuse to pat themselves on the back about how much more “enlightened” or “woke” (LMAO) they consider themselves to be than the brilliant people who created those works.  

Ron Paul quote on educationIt’s a very empty way to view the past and it’s also pointless. It’s only natural that people living in different time periods separated by a few hundred or a few thousand years WILL HAVE VERY DIFFERENT NOTIONS OF RIGHT AND WRONG.

And Democrats have become obsessed with forcing their own simple-minded notions of right and wrong upon everyone else. They feel they have “the one true worldview” and want it to literally be against the law to dissent from their bizarre orthodoxy. All while pretending they alone can define “hate.” Continue reading


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Milo YiannopoulisMy feeling that the political left has become a magnet for cowards, hypocrites and the ugliest totalitarians is expressed very frequently here at Balladeer’s Blog. I’ve been sprinkling in literally dozens of people who considered themselves part of the left (like I used to) before liberalism (really “illiberalism”) became the joke that it is now.

Here once again are quotes from Milo Yiannopoulos, my favorite swashbuckling, politically incorrect gay man as he continues what he calls his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” of speaking engagements here in the U.S.

“The left that embraced free speech and dissidents and thumbing their noses at the establishment is very much a thing of the past.”  Balladeer’s Blog agrees. These days liberals are about censorship, blacklisting, encouraging Muslim fascism and going on witch-hunts over imaginary “privileges.”   

“The left today doesn’t like free speech very much. The left today prefers to shout down … to avoid anything it finds inconvenient.” … But unfortunately, much of the world is inconvenient to the modern left, because it simply doesn’t conform to the reality they like to describe.”    

“Most of what they say about race, most of what they say about gender, most of what they say about the economy just doesn’t bear scrutiny.” Continue reading






Free Speech has been under assault by both Liberals and Conservatives in recent decades. There was a time when Liberals actively supported freedom of expression because they understood it was THE primary freedom from which all other freedoms flowed. The early figures from my own country’s history protected speech with the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution because they knew all too well that ideas that are considered taboo and offensive today might be considered essential truths by future generations.

The repulsive 1960s generation of American Liberals were all about Free Speech when THEIR ideas were the ones offending people. Once they considered themselves to be comfortably in the cultural, educational and political driver’s seat by the early 1990s they decided they wanted their own already outdated worldview enshrined in stone and presented as THE one true set of values.

They became the Political Correctness Police and anyone who offended their 1960s attitudes had to be silenced because – as they knew so well from their own experience – when controversial ideas are given the room to breathe they can often thrive. The totalitarian asses of the 1960s can’t bear the fact that younger people might have opinions that offend THEM as much as their opinions offended their parents’ generation.

SPIKED-Online.com is launching a FREE SPEECH NOW campaign in recognition of the fact that, all around the world similar assaults on Freedom of Expression are being made. If Muslims are offended they want the offensive material banned, if authoritarian regimes like the one in China are offended they want the offensive material banned, and on and on it goes. Considering that the more easily offended someone is the less intelligent they tend to be I find it amazing that Politically Correct censorship has thrived the way it has.

SPIKED-Online.com’s opening post in this campaign even quotes Spinoza’s wonderful line “Every man should think what he likes and say what he thinks.” That still rings true because no matter what the hypersensitive fools who want to censor the rest of us find offensive NONE of them has the right to try to extinguish one single product of the human mind.

Here at Balladeer’s Blog I deal with these issues on a daily basis. Just about everything I write offends either left-wing fanatics or right-wing fanatics or religious fanatics. So, in the spirit of freedom of expression no matter whose delicate little sensibilities are offended (including – GASP – African- Americans) I will link to Spiked-Online.com’s post and would certainly encourage anyone else who creates in any way to join me in doing so. Tell the powers that be – no matter what their skin color or their blood-soaked religion – that you will NOT let them dictate to you what ideas and opinions you are free to express. CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE AT SPIKED – http://www.spiked-online.com/freespeechnow/fsn_article/let-everyone-think-what-he-likes-and-say-what-he-thinks#.Uz8mu4JghtT