Milo YiannopoulisMy feeling that the political left has become a magnet for cowards, hypocrites and the ugliest totalitarians is expressed very frequently here at Balladeer’s Blog. I’ve been sprinkling in literally dozens of people who considered themselves part of the left (like I used to) before liberalism (really “illiberalism”) became the joke that it is now.

Here once again are quotes from Milo Yiannopoulos, my favorite swashbuckling, politically incorrect gay man as he continues what he calls his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” of speaking engagements here in the U.S.

“The left that embraced free speech and dissidents and thumbing their noses at the establishment is very much a thing of the past.”  Balladeer’s Blog agrees. These days liberals are about censorship, blacklisting, encouraging Muslim fascism and going on witch-hunts over imaginary “privileges.”   

“The left today doesn’t like free speech very much. The left today prefers to shout down … to avoid anything it finds inconvenient.” … But unfortunately, much of the world is inconvenient to the modern left, because it simply doesn’t conform to the reality they like to describe.”    

“Most of what they say about race, most of what they say about gender, most of what they say about the economy just doesn’t bear scrutiny.”

“And they  don’t have arguments to present to you – what they instead want to do is shout you down, call you a bigot, say ‘get this hate speech off our campus.'”

And of course, there’s the line Milo is most associated with: “Don’t try calling me a racist. I’ve sucked more black cock than you ever will.” CLASSIC!

Milo combines the best qualities of Oscar Wilde, Hunter S Thompson and James Bond.




  1. They don’t call it the regressive left for nothing

  2. Do you really think the 60s generation was this bad?

  3. Milo seems pretty awesome! Why do so many pussies panic over him?

    • Because Faculty Lounge Fascists don’t like the way Milo encourages freethinking people to question the warmed-over 1960s hatemongering that people like the UC-Berkeley crowd live by.

  4. Nobody doesn’t love Milo!

  5. Milo is brave for fighting the “official” gay political chiefs.

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