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Education or indoctrination gifThe hypersensitive and backward-thinking Democrats of America’s “educational”  (LMAO) system are the most narrow-minded and easily offended fools imaginable.

You could probably have found 1600s Puritans more open-minded than 21st Century Democrats, who have hopelessly politicized education and exercise an unhealthy virtual monopoly on every level of the process. (A virtual monopoly they seized by forcing out everyone who disagrees with Left-Wing Archie Bunkers.)

Democrats who pretend to be educators (LMAO) have become incapable of appreciating art and literature. Instead they pompously and intolerantly dissect ancient works of visual and written art looking for nothing but (yawn) racism, sexism, white privilege, colonial narratives, “the male gaze” and all their other paranoid obsessions.

They have no appreciation for beauty in any form. Democrats have no identity outside of their political opinions so when they ponder the magnificent creations of past geniuses they use it as an excuse to pat themselves on the back about how much more “enlightened” or “woke” (LMAO) they consider themselves to be than the brilliant people who created those works.  

Ron Paul quote on educationIt’s a very empty way to view the past and it’s also pointless. It’s only natural that people living in different time periods separated by a few hundred or a few thousand years WILL HAVE VERY DIFFERENT NOTIONS OF RIGHT AND WRONG.

And Democrats have become obsessed with forcing their own simple-minded notions of right and wrong upon everyone else. They feel they have “the one true worldview” and want it to literally be against the law to dissent from their bizarre orthodoxy. All while pretending they alone can define “hate.” Continue reading


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