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Jussie SmollettJust when you thought the Nathan Phillips hate-hoax debacle would have taught Democrats to stop with their insane, paranoid fantasies about people in MAGA hats we see Jussie Smollett’s claim of being attacked by men in MAGA hats allegedly falling apart.

News reports are now claiming a Grand Jury was already looking into the possibility that Smollett had hoaxed a hate letter he supposedly received AND THAT’S ON TOP OF his less-credible-by-the-moment claims of being attacked by Bigfoot and Mothman in MAGA hats white people in MAGA hats. See HERE and HERE and HERE as well as other links below.

Two men from Nigeria, alleged to have worked with Jussie Smollett on a television show, have been questioned by authorities. Allegedly they may have been working with Smollett on potentially staging this attack and blaming it on white MAGA hat wearers.  

MAGA hat alyssa milanoDemocrat race-baiters in politics and the media jumped to conclusions YET AGAIN and fanned the flames of race-hatred when this looked like a white-on-black attack. Now that Smollett’s story has come under more and more scrutiny those same Democrat worms are falling back on “let’s wait til all the facts come in” LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE WHEN SMOLLETT’S CLAIMS FIRST CAME TO LIGHT.

Even Al Sharpton, famous from the Tawana Brawley scandal, has indicated Smollett should face the consequences if this whole affair was staged. 

Whatever the truth may turn out to be in this Jussie Smollett situation, hate crime hoaxes in which alleged victims were convicted or confessed to staging hate crimes against themselves for attention or to promote division among the races have been on the increase for years and are another atrocity to be laid at the door of the Democrats.

Years ago when several alleged racial incidents turned out to be faked by the alleged victims (see below) Democrats could have unconditionally condemned such fraudulent acts. Instead, especially on college campuses which are dominated by Democrats, the hoaxers were praised by Democrats for “raising awareness” about racial issues and for “starting a conversation” even after the claims of hate crimes were revealed to be fake. Continue reading


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Dateline, Chicago – A Lithuanian-American (name withheld to protect him from reprisals) was walking down the street in Chicago recently when a gang of thugs wearing hats and t-shirts advertising Empire, a television show starring Jussie Smollett (NOT a gag name) attacked him. 

The unidentified thugs, apparently trying to beat the Lithuanian-American pride out of him, supposedly shouted pro-Empire slogans like “Seriously, homey, you should binge-watch Empire” and called it “Can’t-miss television” while pummeling their unfortunate victim.

Startlingly enough, it has come to light that, though the whiney, possibly lying Lithuanian-American claimed the attack and the slogans were overheard by his manager via his cell-phone, the Lithuanian-American refuses to provide his cell phone to prove his very shaky claims.

Reasonable people are doubting the event ever happened since no corroboration – NOT EVEN FROM SECURITY CAMERA FOOTAGE FROM THE TIME OF THE ATTACK – can support the outrageous claims made by the so-called “victim.” 

Authorities seem to be suspecting that the entire complaint is false and various reasonable people might be thinking the whole thing was a hoax to score cheap political points and generate publicity for the Lithuanian-American. Continue reading


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