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Ottawa (AZ) SpiritOTTAWA (AZ) OFFS D2 – The NAIA’s OTTAWA UNIVERSITY (AZ) SPIRIT took on the visiting NCAA Division Two team the WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY MUSTANGS. The already storied Spirit added to their fame with a 38-31 triumph over the upper division team. For newbies this is like a 1AA team defeating a 1A team.

Concordia_MICARDINALS PLAY GIANT SLAYER, TOO – Another NAIA team – the (6) CONCORDIA (MI) CARDINALS – paid a visit to the NCAA Division Two team the KENTUCKY WESLEYAN COLLEGE PANTHERS. The Cardinals took care of business, knocking off the D2 Panthers in a 17-14 game for the ages.

Wesley WolverinesWESLEY TOPPLES FPU – In NCAA Division Three the WESLEY COLLEGE WOLVERINES traveled to take on the Division Two team the FRANKLIN PIERCE UNIVERSITY RAVENS. The Ravens were playing in their first ever intercollegiate football game and it showed. The Wolverines tore them apart SIXTY-NINE to NOTHING! Continue reading



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Central MissouriDOWN GOES NUMBER EIGHT – In NCAA Division Two the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI MULES traveled to take on the number 8 team in the nation – the FORT HAYS STATE TIGERS. The Mules were chasing the Tigers 10-0 in the 1st Quarter and 16-7 at Halftime. Central Missouri pulled to within 23-21 to end the 3rd Quarter then overtook Fort Hays State in the 4th for a 34-30 triumph.

Ferris State BulldogsCLOSE CALLS FOR NUMBER TWO AND NUMBER FOUR – Also in Division Two the 2nd ranked FERRIS STATE BULLDOGS got almost more than they could handle from the visiting UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY OILERS in a 24-23 thriller    ###    And the 4th ranked OUACHITA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY TIGERS barely survived a 16-14 visit from the number 16 HARDING UNIVERSITY BISON. 

Johns Hopkins UniversityWHEN RANKED TEAMS CLASH – Down in Division Three the number 6 team in the nation – the JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY BLUE JAYS – took it on the road against the 24th ranked RANDOLPH MACON COLLEGE YELLOW JACKETS. A 7-3 Halftime edge for the Blue Jays became a 10-6 score in the 3rd Quarter and ultimately a 17-12 victory.  Continue reading

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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Fool Killer condensedPART TWENTY-EIGHT – Here is a look at some of the Fool Killer’s targets from James L Pearson’s January of 1921 issue of The Fool-Killer. New imagery invoked was of the Fool Killer sitting on a high hill picking off fools as the world traveled around him. (A very odd quasi-Axis Mundi) 

** Dr Frank Crane. Pearson and his Fool Killer found Crane to be too sweet and sugary with his “inspirational” writings. The Fool Killer compared him to molasses. If Crane was writing in later decades it’s a safe bet his work would have been part of “Oprah’s Book Club.” 

** An unnamed writer for one of the “plute (plutocrat) publications” who published an article called Bulk Opinion. The writer claimed that “bulk opinion” favored everything the writer supported and rejected everything the reporter disapproved of. This writer was apparently using the vague term bulk opinion the way some people today claim to be on “the right side of history.” (LMAO)

** William Wirt Gilmer, Governor of the American possession Guam. Gilmer had recently invited ridicule by banning whistling, sort of the way modern-day SJW fools try to ban clapping (“use jazz-hands instead”) and the “ok” sign (“a symbol of white supremacy”).

** The “wolves of Wall Street” as such bloated rich pigs were called at the time. Continue reading

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Hutchinson Blue DragonsHutchinson CC Sports Information

Through the first two weeks of the NJCAA Football season, the Hutchinson Community College football team was the only team of the preseason Top 5 to escape without a loss.

On Tuesday, the Blue Dragons made history by achieving their first No. 1 ranking in football in program history.

The Blue Dragons (2-0) took over the top spot after preseason No. 1 East Mississippi, No. 2 Iowa Western, No. 3 Garden City and No. 4 Jones all suffered losses. Continue reading

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19th CenturyLOOKING FORWARD: A DREAM OF THE UNITED STATES IN 1999 (1899) – Written by Arthur Bird. This is speculative science fiction looking at world events and scientific advances from 1899 to 1999. Since the U.S. was coming off the 1898 war with Spain that accounts for the way Spain is presented as the major villain on the global scene.

In 1912 Mexico became part of the United States followed by Peru in 1920, Canada in 1930 and by 1935 the U.S. consists of the entire Western Hemisphere. Mexico City – now renamed Washington – has become the new capital of the expanded United States.

America and Great Britain retain their “special relationship” and in this book’s depiction of 1999 the U.K. is ruled by King Alexander II. Britain never lost its old colonies and in fact drove the French, Germans, Belgians and Spanish out of Africa to absorb the entire continent.

France itself was annexed as a German province after losing wars to Germany in 1907 and 1935. Russia conquered China and now rules all of Asia, while Spain – the epitome of evil in this book’s view – has been reduced to a war-torn wasteland following a World War. Continue reading


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The Labor Day Holiday is taking on greater significance the more that the white collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans sell out the working class. Bought and paid for office-holders from both political parties are content to screw over the working class.

MatewanMATEWAN (1987) – This John Sayles film examines the 1920 Matewan Massacre in the West Virginia coal fields. The workers were attempting to form a union and the owners – the kind of people that the one percenters’ beloved New York Times has proclaimed to be “the conscience of the country” used hired thugs to harass – and even kill – the laborers.

On top of that the owners planned to bring in replacement workers who would work for less money and would not expect “luxuries” like worker safety measures and the like.

It’s like today as DemCorp and RepubCorp embrace Corporate Fascism by helping bloated rich pigs usher unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants into countries around the world in order to bring in people who will work for lower wages and without “luxuries” like sick leave and such.    

Today’s rich pigs have added a new wrinkle: pretending to be showing “compassion” and lecturing the working class and the poor about the glories of a borderless society. Ultimately this will even overload Social Programs to the point where they all collapse from lack of funding.

AN IMPORTANT REASON FOR HAVING BORDERS IS PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE LONG-HELD PRINCIPLE THAT A COUNTRY CAN HAVE SOCIAL PROGRAMS OR OPEN BORDERS BUT NOT BOTH. Borders also help in disease control and crime control, but the one percenters and bloated rich pigs never have to worry about either. Continue reading

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Iowa Central TritonsNUMBER TWO TAKES A FALL – In the NJCAA the 14th ranked IOWA CENTRAL COLLEGE TRITONS welcomed the number 2 team in the nation – the IOWA WESTERN COLLEGE REIVERS. The Tritons put the Reivers on Upset Alert with a 12-10 1st Quarter edge which became a tighter 18-17 lead at Halftime. The 3rd Quarter ended with Iowa Central College on top 21-17 before they won it 28-26 from there. The NJCAA’s number 1 East Mississippi College lost Thursday night.

Morningside MustangsONE AND TWO ROLL – Meanwhile, up in the NAIA, the top ranked defending champions – the MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE MUSTANGS – annihilated the visiting UNIVERSITY OF SAINT FRANCIS (IL) FIGHTING SAINTS to the tune of EIGHTY to NOTHING    ###    And the number 2 BENEDICTINE COLLEGE RAVENS eviscerated their hosts the GRACELAND UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS 72-7.

Kansas Wesleyan helmet NEWCELEBRATING FOOTBALL – Also in the NAIA the 4th ranked KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY COYOTES welcomed the TEXAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY RAMS for their season-opening event called Celebrating Football. The Coyotes wound up doing all the celebrating, doubling up on the Rams for a 48-24 triumph. Continue reading

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