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This time around the subject is the 1968 Mexican film Batwoman (La Mujer Murcielago).

Batwoman 1For starters this should NOT be confused with the Jerry Warren film The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman, but often is because Warren was the stateside distributor for plenty of Mexican films in the 50s and 60s. This movie is purely a Luchadora film with Batwoman being a wrestler as well as a seasoned crime fighter.   

It’s not quite fair to call this a “bad” film, but it is a bit of a weird one. In my view it’s much tighter and more entertaining than most of the El Santo movies from Mexico. And I’m not just saying that because of how incredibly sexy the star Maura Monti is. She has an arresting (see what I did there) figure that’s perfect for her version of the Batwoman outfit: a bikini, boots, mask and cape. 

Batwoman 2Like the Turkish movie Three Dev Adam, which features Spider-Man, Captain America and El Santo, this little honey did not pay for character rights but slipped under the radar long ago thanks to its south-of-the- border origins. Maura Monti has a certain screen presence that was lacking in other Luchadora flicks like Wrestling Women vs the Aztec Mummy. And this movie is nowhere near the embarrassment that Halle Berry’s Catwoman was. Continue reading

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Fairmont StateFAIRMONT STATE ON TOP – The FAIRMONT STATE FIGHTING FALCONS traveled to take on the WEST LIBERTY STATE HILLTOPPERS in what turned out to be the game of the night. The Fighting Falcons trailed the Hilltoppers 3-0 in the 1st Quarter, 17-7 at Halftime and 20-7 to end the 3rd. In the 4th Quarter Fairmont State surged from behind for a 21-20 triumph. The Fighting Falcons are now 3-0 for 2016.   Continue reading

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Monterey Peninsula LobosMONTEREY ON THEIR WAY BACK? – The MONTEREY PENINSULA COLLEGE LOBOS hosted the YUBA COLLEGE FORTY-NINERS and showed signs of returning to their glory years. A 7-0 1st Quarter lead became a 13-0 Halftime advantage and ultimately a 25-0 shutout victory. Nathanael Heaukulani was one of the stars on Defense for the Lobos as he took an interception Endzone to Endzone for a TD. 

Golden West College RustlersRUSTLING UP A WIN – The GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE RUSTLERS took it on the road against the GLENDALE (CA) COLLEGE VAQUEROS. Neither team scored in the opening Quarter but by the break the Rustlers had made the Sartoris Field spectators very, very quiet with a 20-0 lead. Golden West College hung 13 more points on the Vaqueros the rest of the way for a 33-0 triumph. QB Adam Vance had 3 TD’s on just 158 yards passing.  Continue reading

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What better way to mark the return of the school year than with the absurdity of those over-the- top Juvenile Delinquent films of the 1950s and 1960s? 

high-school-caesarHIGH SCHOOL CAESAR (1960) – John Ashley, who was about as menacing as Ned Flanders, plays a bitter rich teenage punk who runs illegal operations at his high school like a junior version of organized crime. The title is a reference to Little Caesar, the gangster movie with Edward G Robinson.

Ashley’s JD character peddles the answers to exams, rigs school elections and bilks money from his classmates. All of this is played so seriously you will die laughing. There’s also the obligatory Drag Race and OF COURSE someone dies while drag racing. My Bad Movie page has a full-length review of this one if you’re interested.

shake-rattle-and-rockSHAKE, RATTLE AND ROCK! (1956) – In this hilarious movie Rock and Roll music is blamed for the Juvenile Delinquency epidemic of the 1950’s. Not only does one particularly irrational city ban rock music completely but it puts the local rock DJ on trial!

They hold him accountable for the vandalism and other JD activities that hit the town because, by their logic, the “wild” music he played CAUSED the teenagers to commit their crimes. This is Continue reading

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*** NAIA ***

Southeastern Fire helmet REALMESS WITH FIRE AND YOU GET BURNED – The SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY FIRE traveled to face the 19th ranked FAULKNER UNIVERSITY EAGLES (should be the Furies) in a game marking 10 years of the Faulkner football program. The Fire marred the celebration in what turned out to be a textbook example of defensive football. The final score was Southeastern University 10  Faulkner University 6.   Continue reading

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WAR OF THE WORLDS (1988-1990)

War of the Worlds tv guideWar of the Worlds posterWAR OF THE WORLDS (Television Series) – This short-lived series proceeded from a fun premise. In this program’s world the Martian invasions depicted occurring in 1901 ( 1897 novel), 1938 (Orson Welles radio version) and 1953 (first film version) were really three separate real-world attempts by extra-terrestrials (NOT Martians, however) to conquer the Earth. In an “X-Files before The X-Files existed” sort of way the world’s governments collaborated in an extensive – and successful – coverup to pass those invasions off as fiction.

The faux-Martian craft were presented as the explanation behind the first UFO sightings and their damaged spaceships and presumably dead bodies were being kept in hiding at various bases around the world for reverse-engineering and other studies. The leftover bodies from the 1953 invasion were really just dormant, thanks to the aliens’ latest attempts at immunizing themselves against the Earthly illnesses that were always their undoing in the past.    

War of the Worlds castThose dormant aliens are now emerging from their sleep and attempting once again to conquer the Earth, this time by taking over the bodies of human beings thereby giving themselves full immunity. Human scientists, military and governmental forces battle the aliens. 

Though all of that sounds derivative War of the Worlds actually managed to make it all seem fresh through quality scripting, fleshed-out characters and a capable cast led by Jared “Fantastic Voyage” Martin, Ann Robinson, Ilse Von Glatz and Richard Chaves. An added element of suspense lay in the fact that the aliens sometimes WON so viewers felt genuine tension. Pacing was a problem, however, and I would say the show’s episodes would have benefited from a half-hour run time instead of an hour-long format.   Continue reading

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texas permian basinUT-PERMIAN BASIN FALCONS

Location: Odessa, TX 

Division: NCAA Division Two

Conference Affiliation: Lone Star Conference  Continue reading

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