east mississippiNUMBER ONE GETS DETHRONED – The 4th ranked EAST MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE LIONS welcomed the number 1 team in the nation – the NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE RANGERS. The Lions seized a 7-0 edge in the opening Quarter and built that into a 24-17 advantage at Halftime. After a tight 3rd Quarter East Mississippi College exploded for 20 points in the 4th, winning the game 51-32.

scottsdale-fighting-artichokes-helmet-newTHE ALL-NAME GAME OF THE WEEK – The SCOTTSDALE COLLEGE FIGHTING ARTICHOKES (yes, really) traveled to face the EASTERN ARIZONA COLLEGE GILA MONSTERS. The Fighting Artichokes managed a 12-8 1st Quarter lead and then took charge from there. At the break they led the Gila Monsters 19-8 on their way to a FIFTY-TWO to TWENTY evisceration of their opponents.

Coffeyville Red Ravens helmetCOMEBACK KIDS – The COFFEYVILLE COLLEGE RED RAVENS made a thrilling road comeback against the NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA A&M GOLDEN NORSEMEN! The Red Ravens fell behind their hosts 14-3 but by Halftime had fought back for a 25-21 lead. After the break Coffeyville College got some more separation from the Golden Norsemen and won the game 41-31.


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