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For April Fool’s Day here at Balladeer’s Blog I’m giving a rest to my usual holiday offering, my review of Aleister Crowley’s Clouds Without Water, to review a movie instead.

Slaughter HighSLAUGHTER HIGH/ APRIL FOOL’S DAY (1986) – This is the low-budget horror film made in England and set on April Fool’s Day. There are still VHS tapes and YouTube videos that show the original title, but the title was changed to Slaughter High because of the year’s OTHER April Fool’s Day slasher film with a gimmick ending.

Slaughter High starts off showing us April Fool’s Day of 1976, when a group of “teenagers” including 30-something Caroline Munro go to bizarre lengths to degrade and victimize their nerdy classmate Marty. These “kids” aren’t so much bullies as they are psychopaths, actually.

Slaughter High bAfter an April Fool’s Day “prank” involving nudity, electric shocks and near drowning, Marty is still alive through no fault of his classmates. The supposed popular kids get punished for their criminal assault on Marty, and perversely blame him for it! It’s that kind of movie. Hell, Marty’s tormentors were caught in the act, it’s not even like he peached on them (since this was made in England I couldn’t resist writing “peached on them”).

The psychotic teens-in-their -thirties decide Marty deserves some payback for the way they got in trouble for nearly killing him earlier, so they stage a new “prank” involving tampered-with marijuana, dangerous chemicals … and acid. C’mon, you kidders! Stop giving Marty the business! Just cut off one of his limbs or something and call it a day, ya jokesters! Continue reading


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Adam AntSince we just passed the one year anniversary of the death of Prince a few readers emailed me to mention it. Some even asked the time-honored question about why we wait until people are dead to give them a shoutout.

So I figured I would do a shoutout to an often neglected Prince-like figure from the past: Adam Ant – real name Stuart Leslie Goddard. From his first appearance in the surreal Punk film Jubilee in the late 70s up to the early 1990s this interesting figure turned out some pretty memorable music and videos. He has since produced a few unique stage presentations, too. 

Adam Ant 2Adam Ant is a prime example of the bittersweet connection between creativity and insanity. Unlike many other  entertainers  who engage in long battles against various addictions Ant’s major vice was his own periodic madness. And I don’t say that as an insult, but as a very odd compliment. (And I know about his stays in a few mental hospitals and his being diagnosed as bi-polar. I repeat – I’m not insulting him. I’m sincerely complimenting him.)

Anyway, thinking about Mr Goddard’s  comparative – I repeat – COMPARATIVE – tendency to get highs from his own creativity rather than booze and such put me in mind of Goody Two-Shoes. When you consider the presence in this video of British Scream Queen (and all-around goddess) Caroline Munro aka Stella Star then this song was a no-brainer. 


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DON’T ODon't Open 'Til ChristmasPEN ‘TIL CHRISTMAS (1984)

This is a British horror film about a lunatic killing people dressed in Santa suits for the holidays.

Britain’s scream queen Caroline Munro sings in a brief appearance and there’s the notorious scene where a Santa gets his penis sliced off by our killer and bleeds to death at a urinal.

Yes, it’s another joyously tasteless horror film using the Christmas season as its gimmick. Continue reading


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