donald-trump-and-flagEvery day that neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton are president is a great day. Here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I make a point every single day of taking in ten or more Democrat media outlets and ten or more Republican media outlets.

Some of the Democrat sites I read are the NYT, WaPo, Mother Jones, The Hill, CNN, MSNBC, even HuffPo (the site for HUFFy, POST-menopausal white Democrats). Some of the Republican sites I read are the WaTi, American Thinker, Townhall, Breitbart, Free Republic, The Other McCain, even Gateway Pundit (but mostly for laughs).

I periodically remind readers of this so that newcomers know I listen to both sides. Which is why I became an Independent Voter. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Plus I like to remind people on the left or right who vow to NEVER read the sites of the opposite political party that THAT is why they have no credibility with me. If you read only one side’s take on the issues you’re like a judge who only listens to the prosecution side of a case without letting the defense speak. 

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAmong the reasons I support President Trump is because he is a de facto Third Party President. Plus he’s not a career politician, which in America means “career white-collar criminal.” And he’s done more to help the working class and the poor than any other president of my lifetime. 

A recent poll (link below) indicates that the Democrats’ absurd, neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” (all the fun of impeachment but with no accountability) has driven up President Trump’s standing with Independent voters.

That is certainly a positive sign because reviewing both sides’ presentation of their case results in the realization that this is all just a witch hunt, or kangaroo court or whatever term you prefer.

And remember, I’m never reluctant to change my mind about figures I support. I used to be a Hillary Clinton supporter (2008-2015) until the evidence of her corruption became overwhelming. And I DO mean EVIDENCE. Not the silly nothing-burgers which the Democrats have thus far thrown at Trump hoping one of them will stick.

The Democrats have even shown their contempt for the voters by admitting “If we don’t impeach Trump he may get reelected.” That tells plenty of us Independent voters all we need to know about the anti-Trump hysteria of the Democrats.

For the poll mentioned above click HERE


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  1. Cara

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Mark

    I’m amazed at how low the anti-Trump forces have gone.

  3. Gina

    This fake impeachment is a travesty.

  4. Michelle

    I hope it shows a lot of other voters what the Democrats are up to.

  5. Philip

    Let’s hope President Trump gets reelected.

  6. Rosetta

    President Trump is our greatest president since Bill Clinton!

  7. Lana

    I love President Trump! TRUMP 2020!

  8. G Nelson

    The democrats are out of control and have lost all reason.

  9. Yasmine

    Great! I hope President Trump gets reelected in 2020.

  10. James' House

    President Trump is a great man! He turned my vote around to him instead of any privileged Democrat racist trash.

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