Go home or go mobile – it can be named a motto for 2019. Trend watchers are, however, looking for something new and curious. Adsmediabrokers offer not to waste time for searching and read our article where all the trends are already analyzed and the most peculiar are gathered exactly for you.  

Nowadays one may feel bombed: apps and advertising in them, companies constantly attack us by push-notifications, text, messages, videos – our poor smartphones that are direct transmitter of all that stuff are working ten tenths. But one should remember, that mobile devices are all the time with us and their power will be even stronger in 2019. The markets are more mature nowadays and players are involved in a very serious game where domineering is the reward.

Mobile video – who will be the master?

Smartphones take the primary place for the device used for videos watching. Experts predict that 72% of mobile expenses will be about mobile videos. The approach is still in constant evolution, and we suppose that 2019 will be the time when hunger games for domineering will be even more serious. 

Huge brands continue investing great sums in mobile video that will cause high competence in manufacturing, quality and budgets. What to say? A way to success requires eternal experiments and test.

Mobile marketing trend: increasing the role of digital assistant

2019 will be a very fruitful period for the brands that can prove their value of voice technologies. Digital assistant for cooperation between a human and a device is like an    app advertising platform for brands and websites owners. Alexa, Siri, Google Home – they are nowadays key players on the market. One obviously understands that successful development of this technology is possible if only people feel it convenient to deal with it. 

Voice technologies will be the primary influencer for mobile marketing. Brands will be able to develop deeper connections, recommend more suitable offers and actions and create contextually managed interactions with the help of these devices. Voice power will take its rightful place, while companies should think about productivity and convenience of their products based on the technology.

Social commerce

It is never a news that social medias have already become a trend of mobile marketing and successfully used for sales by skilled marketers. Instagram has recently released a new feature: Instagram Check-out that allows buying a product without leaving the app.  

Popular app advertising platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are working hard on increasing brand awareness, lead generation and ad products. To achieve this goal the industry is going to focus on users, exactly, on their activity, rather than on advertising. The aim is to attract users and their attention to online shop, so that more channels could open their platforms for the journeys. 

A piece of advice for marketers: have a look at the way people interact with social medias. Stories have made it all different for brands to communicate on the platforms with their audience. The first thing is to be ready to adapt to changes. The other important point is to find a way to apply to your clients directly.  

Influencer marketing becomes even huger

Brands and social media platforms are in the process of adopting marketing idea of influencing. Brand arrived to the conclusion that selling will be easier when it is performed with the help of affluent person. Big network of opinion leader will obtain more in comparison with traditional approach.

The key to success here is partnership between a brand and an opinion leader. Brands can expand their coverage and name popularity for their target audience, but they should estimate main business and income indicators to see whether the idea was striking or not. 

Augmented reality goes out from the apps.

AR is an element for mobile ads and platform purchases as well. Such popular platforms as Facebook, Apple and Google will remain dominating on the market. However, the key innovation will be augmented reality coming into mobile marketing. 

That’s it about key concepts we think you should definitely know. But we are looking forward to your ideas and trends that you have mentioned – write us to share your observations. Adsmediabrokers team is always ready for a nice discussion.


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