mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAs always Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that criticizes both Democrats and Republicans equally. Let me repeat something I’ve long maintained: Democrat Bill Clinton did not deserve to be impeached. It was a cheapening of the process.

I also feel that Donald Trump does not deserve to be impeached. The Democrats have driven so many of us to #WALKAWAY from their party because of their irrational fixation on Trump. We can only hope even more #WALKAWAY now that the party is launching Russian Collusion 2.0. And they’re doing it to distract from Joe and Hunter Biden’s obvious corruption. (Read the transcript yourself to see what the Democrats DON’T want the voters talking about regarding Quid Pro Joe and a little thing called Crowdstrike.)  

Remember, Nancy Pelosi and her Insane Clown Posse publicly announced the impeachment INQUIRY before they even knew what was in the transcript of the phone call President Trump made to his counterpart in the Ukraine. And by the way THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT (link below) shows Trump did nothing wrong. Certainly nothing impeachable.

Trump and dem impeachment cartoonBut just like the absurd witch-hunt after Bill Clinton this witch-hunt after Trump has nothing to do with facts. Nothing to do with the truth, either. It’s a Nuremberg Rally against President Trump and his supporters. As always the Democrats show the Republicans that any stupidity they ever pursued the Democrats can out-do them.

The Ukrainian president still insists Trump did not pressure him. No matter. Democrats are clearly just using this as their latest dirty trick against Trump.

WE KNOW BARACK OBAMA ASKED THE UKRAINE TO INVESTIGATE TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER YEARS AGO. No matter. Democrats are clearly just using this as their latest dirty trick against Trump. 

“THIS TIME TRUMP IS FINISHED BECAUSE OF zzzzzzzzzz.” We have been through this so many times already. On the Ukraine phone call Trump did WHAT OTHER PRESIDENTS DO ALL THE TIME but it is being treated as if it’s sinister because it’s Trump.  

** When Trump did what other Presidents have done regarding travel and immigration from designated countries the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment.

** When Trump did what other Presidents have done in declaring a national emergency – in his case at the border – the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment.

** EVERY SINGLE TIME Trump did what other Presidents have done countless other times the left insisted it was criminal and evil and grounds for impeachment. Insert your own Boy Who Cried Wolf joke here.  

The Democrats broke new ground in fascism in 2016 by threatening and trying to intimidate the Electoral College members after Hillary lost to get them to change their votes to her instead of Trump. That ugly precedent now means elections won’t necessarily even be over on election night … or election month … or later now that the Democrats have declared the Electors to be fair game for post-election “campaigning.” 

NOW the Democrats are taking the disastrous and destructive step of publicizing transcripts of confidential conversations between a sitting U.S. President and a foreign leader. And based on WHAT? Gossip from a leaker (they’re NOT a “whistle blower”) who NEVER HEARD THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION but overheard other people talking about it and got alarmed that it meant Trump had blackmailed the Ukrainians just like Joe Biden did. (Joe Biden has BRAGGED about what he did. It’s on video.)

Balladeer’s Blog’s readers know I despise both Democrat and Republican office-holders because they are nothing more than white-collar criminals who all mysteriously become uber-wealthy no matter what office they get elected to. SO NOW THAT THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS PRECEDENT DO YOU SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT DURING A FUTURE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENCY THE SLIMY REPUBLICANS CAN’T ALSO CONJURE UP A “WHISTLE BLOWER” AND DEMAND TRANSCRIPTS OF THEIR PHONE CALLS WITH FOREIGN LEADERS?

Remember when the then-Democrat controlled Senate got rid of the 60-vote necessity for certain presidential appointments just so they could get appointees past the “eevilll” Republicans? The Republicans  have been using that tactical precedent against the Democrats fairly effectively with Trump in office. Nice job, Democrats.

The destructive idiocy of the Democrats knows no bounds. Hell, in the 90s if the Republicans weren’t clueless and limp they could have pulled this, too, and demanded transcripts of Clinton’s phone calls with foreign leaders searching for any inartful comment that could be twisted to justify impeachment and conviction.

Remember Obama pressuring Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu regarding American aid if he did not act the way Obama wanted toward the Palestinians? Presidents FROM EITHER PARTY will need to have these conversations with other world leaders. Confidentiality is essential for both parties in the conversation.

Now the Democrats are making that a thing of the past. ANYTHING anyone says to any American President in ANY delicate situation might now be publicized if anyone wants to leak a rumor about that conversation. Hey, just try to pin something on Trump, no matter the cost. Who cares if world leaders can no longer risk having frank conversations with U.S. Presidents.

And both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have mentioned that this hullabaloo has now put Gun Control, one of the Democrats’ most fervently pushed policies, on the backburner now. Spite is a big expense in politics and the Democrats’ pathological hatred of Trump causes them to damage themselves in all kinds of ways. 

Did the Democrats forget there was an election next year? If you want Trump out, vote him out then.

And remember, Trump is a de facto Third Party President. He’s fighting both the Democrat AND the Republican crooks who don’t like him because he’s not a career politician, which in America means career criminal. That alone has been a large part of my support for Trump.

Even if you hate Trump I have no idea how you could possibly think he is in any way WORSE than our career office-holders. Have you been in a coma the last few years? The most I could spot you would be if you hope both political parties wind up massively damaged and discredited from the political gangster war.

FOR THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT OF THE CONVERSATION IN QUESTION CLICK HERE OR HERE   Yes, our corporate media outlets are once again cherry-picking info to publicize, just like they did during the whole Russian Collusion nonsense. 


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  1. d3adf1sh

    what i want to know it why aren’t we going after obama and his administration for ordering wire taps and spying on trump during the last election?

    • I think it’s because too many Republican office-holders don’t want to do anything perceived as helping Trump, the outsider. They have become useless as an opposition party (LMAO) and also never take action as their own constituents have been transformed into the official national villains in the eyes of many in the political class.

  2. Evangeline

    Are you implying there was a time when Democrats weren’t insane?

  3. Brenda

    Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are the real Ukraine crooks!

  4. I like your sensible approach to the whole Ukraine travesty. The Democrats really have lost touch with reality.

  5. Denice

    Democrats left insane in the rear view mirror long ago.

  6. Deedra

    Very clever and very authoritative takedown of Democrat fascists.

  7. *** Being held for moderation ***

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  9. Lewis

    I always enjoy when you smack down morons like the troll you mentioned.

  10. Mark

    Democrats are past insane and have become fascists.

  11. Brian Hibbs

    How can you believe Trump about Ukraine?

  12. Helen

    It showed the democrats are liars not insane.

  13. Claira Janover

    The democrats utterly failed with this Ukraine fantasy.

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