Here are some of the latest:

Obama Russia Collusion Hoax

Democrats Spying on Trump Campaign

Democrat sanctuary city hypocrisy

Spy vs Spy paintover

Trump as humpty dumpty

Trump as a matador



Filed under humor, LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES, Neglected History, opinion

10 responses to “POLITICAL CARTOONS: APRIL 22nd

  1. Brenda

    Wonderful! I like the topics you pick out for these political cartoon revues.

  2. Nova

    Enjoyed these a lot! Trump as a matador was my favorite!

  3. Cassandra

    So nice to see some variety on the internet.

  4. K.A.

    Trump as a matador is the best! He is a genuine hero!

  5. StewNWT

    These cartoonists were all white racists.

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