Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport. Polo was already centuries old when Alexander the Great’s men played it! FOR MY PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE  

Aspen Polo ClubROUND TWO, DAY FOUR: FIRST MATCH – ASPEN VS SANTA CLARA. In this Match Aspen – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Eighty-Fivers – rode against Santa Clara – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Saints.

Polo Silhouette LogoThe Eighty-Fivers were all over the Saints in the First Chukker, outscoring them 3 Goals to 1. In the Second Chukker the scoring slowed down as the teams mustered just 1 Goal each for a 4-2 Aspen lead.

The offenses matched each other 2-2 in the Third Chukker, giving the Eighty-Fivers a 6-4 advantage at Halftime.

Aspen seemed to be headed for a sure win as they went up 9 Goals to 5 in Chukker Number Four and maintained that 4 Goal lead in the Fifth, which ended in a new tally of 11-7.

Santa Clara OWNED the Sixth Chukker, limiting their opponents to 1 lone Goal while swatting in FIVE of their own, thereby forcing Overtime with a 12-12 tie! In the Seventh Chukker the Eighty-Fivers recorded the Golden Goal for a 13-12 triumph.

Polito Pieres led Aspen in scoring with 7 Goals. 

Daily Racing FormROUND TWO, DAY FOUR: SECOND MATCH – DAILY RACING FORM VS PARK PLACE. Up next, the defending U.S. Open Champions, Daily Racing Form – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Stat-Hounds – played Park Place – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Cossacks.

In the opening Chukker the Stat-Hounds tripled-up on the Cossacks, grabbing a 3-1 advantage. Both teams put the ball between the Uprights twice in the Second Chukker to make the new score 5-3, Daily Racing Form.

The Third Chukker saw DRF outperform Park Place 3 Goals to 2 for an 8-5 lead headed into Halftime.

In the Fourth Chukker neither team could keep the ball OUT from between the Uprights. The Stat-Hounds and the Cossacks notched 3 Goals each for a new tally of 11-8 in favor of DRF.

Park Place made their move in Chukker Number Five, thwacking in 2 Goals to the 1 mustered by their opponents, cutting the Stat-Hounds’ lead to 12-10. The Cossacks outdid DRF 2-1 in the Sixth Chukker as well, but fell to the defending champs by a final score of 13-12. (Same final tally as the first Match.)

Agustin Obregon’s 5 Goals led the way for Daily Racing Form. 


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2 responses to “POLO: U.S. OPEN, ROUND TWO, DAY FOUR

  1. Abe

    The Aspen team would be my team I guess from my location.

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