biden jen psaki baghdad bobIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog welcomes you! It’s fascinating to see how the Biden Regime, the Cuban Regime and the Chinese Regime all unite in hatred of people who a) Protest for freedom and b) Wave American flags. Dissidents from Hong Kong to Cuba to Washington DC this past January 6th show courageous commitment to human rights and dignity, all while waving American flags. Biden and the others also have an ugly, fascistic way of labeling protestors “insurrectionists” too.

(Pssst! Democrats! You’ve made “insurrectionists” the new “deplorables” or “nasty women”, a label people wryly adopt to mock how over the top and inappropriate it is.)

Biden is fine with Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers coming and going across our forever-unsecured southern border but his ugly regime is opposed to Cuban dissidents entering the U.S. I think we can all imagine the corrupt and senile Joe Biden’s response to the new Cuban boat people. He would say something like “These people would not be likely Democrat voters so they MUST NOT enter the U.S. on my watch! They’re waving that same red, white and blue Insurrection Flag that those January 6th protestors were carrying!”  

american flag pic

The Biden, Cuban and Chinese Regimes really hate this odd piece of cloth for some reason.

*** The Biden-Cuba-China Axis are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in another way – The Biden Regime, through its State Department poseur Blinken, has invited in U.N. figures from their Human Rights Committee, a committee which includes CUBA AND CHINA for the ultimate LMAO moment! Yes, representatives from genocidal, slave labor-using China and brutally oppressive Cuba will be among the people that the Biden Regime wants to come in and “impartially” criticize alleged systemic racism in the U.S. Uh. Yeah.

The Hidden Bigotry of Crosswords

That’s an actual headline from the Atlantic, so obviously the Committee will force themselves to find racism everywhere and in everything. 

*** Meanwhile, the clueless buffoons called Congressional Republicans continue claiming they will be investigating the obvious corruption of Hunter Biden, Underboss of the Biden Crime Family. I guess this means Hunter’s legal troubles are over, because, believe me, when clownish Congressional Republicans say they’re investigating you that means you and your attorneys can exchange high fives and sleep the sleep of the saved, knowing you will never face any consequences for your actions.   

repub dem other*** Joe Biden has had the FBI open an Informant Line and has encouraged paranoid people to report friends and family members for “extremism.” Hmmm. So do they want people to report friends and family members who support the violent, arsonist fanatics of Antifa, or who call for defunding and/or abolishing the police? Or the thousands of “teachers” (LMAO) who are boasting that they will break the law by continuing to teach Race Hatred (CRT) in schools where that philosphy of hatred has been banned?

              Senile Joe BidenJust kidding! We all know that what the Biden Regime meant by “extremism” is people who criticize his administration or point out its corruption or disagree with Democrats about any issue. Or, for that matter, large groups of people who wave American flags, whether in Cuba, Washington DC or Hong Kong.

*** And speaking of things we all know, the ongoing audits of the forever-tainted 2020 election continue to verify that there was massive vote fraud and other irregularities in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and others. Biden supporters need to calm down about this. Despite what some outlets claim, Biden cannot be removed and replaced with Trump at this stage. But we still need to keep investigating and exposing the 2020 election antics just like was done with the 1876 election and the year 2000 election.      


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    Oh sure, Biden expects me to be a good little American Citizen Imbecile and shut up to his Dictates, just pay taxes and be ready to jump when he and his totally wicked administration come out with any mandates, in other words ORDERS; just like they do in any other Un-free societies around the globe. I shouldn’t realize or care that all of those years he and then his corrupted son spent cozying up with a brutal totalitarian regime like the atheist China’s CCP, that he wasn’t only wheeling and dealing for his own “Lifetime Professional Corrupted Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeering Operation!”

    All the while that he certainly wasn’t becoming one of those totalitarian monsters in his thinking and ideology, while raking in the billions; not him, a good Catholic and all; (Fake). Of course not, why would he change that drastically having been an American just doing a bit of “free enterprising” on the American People’s say so, being an elected official and servant of the People! He certainly wouldn’t’ allow all that money and greed taint his judgment or clarity of conscience, on who he worked for and what the American laws or Constitution say about those kinds of undertakings and such lack of loyalty; of course not, he is a real straight up sort of guy; as in he really knows how to shove it straight up our collective asses!

    God bless America and her honest, decent, law abiding and God fearing Citizens that really live by the Holy Scriptures! I know God has a place waiting for Scranton Joe and all of the Cabal, which there is “no way in hell” they can escape; now that they signed a “Deal with the Devil!”

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  4. Kevin Arez

    Joe Biden didn’t even really win the election when you get right down to it.

  5. Gregg Rosenberg

    The January 6th protestors were no insurrectionists. Democrats are so far gone.

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