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masc graveyard newFrontierado Season is fast approaching! That holiday celebrating the mythic aspects of the Old West falls on the first Friday of August. To help us all start to get in the mood here are some new Frontierado Sagas in the spirit of Tomahawk Tam, the Blackwater Kid and others. (FOR MORE FRONTIERADO ITEMS CLICK HERE )

MASCOT COWBOY 2SIX-GUN CAESAR (Ethan Van Sciver) – The man who would go on to fame as Six-Gun Caesar was born Ethan Van Sciver to a Mormon family from Philadelphia. By the time he was a teenager Ethan was already a skilled gunman and was serving as a Danite, one of the gunslinging “knights” of the Mormon faith.

              Ethan and his fellow Danites safeguarded Mormon pilgrims on their journey to Deseret (later the state of Utah) after the Mormon Wars in Missouri and Illinois drove the persecuted practitioners of that faith westward. After years of experience protecting Mormon wagon trains from outlaws, hostile Native Americans and hooded anti-Mormon mobs, Van Sciver gained even greater prominence during the May 1857 to July 1858 Utah War. Continue reading


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Jawbreakers Grand BizarreRichard C Meyer’s fantastic team of mercenary superheroes nicknamed the Jawbreakers are back in action! They’ve been called the new AVENGERS, the new JUSTICE LEAGUE and the new X-MEN, and with good reason.

Meyer aka Ya Boi Zack is the man who recently brought readers the spectacular Stallone graphic novel project THE EXPENDABLES GO TO HELL. He’s also the creative mastermind of the IRON SIGHTS series. However, his most popular creations remain the superheroes in JAWBREAKERS, this time with art by Aaron Alfeche, main cover by Kyle Ritter and variant cover by Meyer himself.  

Jawbreakers Grand Bizarre and God KingJAWBREAKERS: GRAND BIZARRE, the third installment of the superteam’s adventures, features never before revealed secrets regarding the group of mighty mercenaries plus the mind-blowing menace of the Grand Bazaar. Said Bazaar appears on Earth once every 66.5 years and is a more hardcore version of the kind of foes that the Justice League Dark and the 1970s Defenders fought.

The title, Grand Bizarre, is a play on Grand Bazaar, so no, that’s not a typo on my part. To order this latest volume of Jawbreakers excitement: Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some sites you’ll kick yourself for not visiting on a daily basis. CLICK ON TITLES TO VISIT THE SITES.


InfogalacticNature: Informational

Comment: Called “The planetary knowledge core,” Infogalactic.com proves you don’t ever need to use W-pedia OR the g-word. Well, you can use the g-word if you want search results that prioritize sites which PAY the g-barons to place them higher than sites that are actually more relevant to your search. And unlike W-pedia, Infogalactic.com doesn’t allow fools with an axe to grind to “edit” entries.


Ethan Van Sciver picNature: Irreverent takes on pop culture … and mummies

Comment: C.A.P.S. stands for Comic Artist Pro Secrets but don’t let that specificity fool you. Van Sciver is like a new King of All Media in the way that he irreverently addresses any and every pop culture topic that enters his crosshairs (And I think we all know how painful that can be). Called “Caesar” and “Uncle Ethan” by his fans, EVS’s YT channel makes for addictive viewing and/or listening. The jovial genius embodies the old clichés like “you know him, you love him, you can’t live without him.” Balladeer’s Blog’s regulars know that I know funny, and Ethan is hilarious! Continue reading


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ExpendablesSylvester Stallone and the Expendables franchise join forces with independent comic book giants like Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan and Richard C Meyer! As the promo says, “The creators of ROCKY and BANE tell a story of supernatural combat.”

The Expendables Go To Hell graphic novel is sort of like The Expendables Meet Army of Darkness with a little of Clive Barker’s Scarlet Gospels thrown in for good measure. (And yes, wouldn’t Bruce Campbell make a great addition to the ranks of the Expendables someday?)

The Expendables Go To HellAnyway, per Sylvester Stallone’s own story, Barney Ross (Stallone) and his badass mercenary buddies wind up in Hell where they battle dark supernatural forces as well as some of the most vile figures from history in a joyously over-the-top action extravaganza! And it’s all presented by some of the boldest, most daring and iconoclastic talents working in comics today! Continue reading


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Iron Sights 2 PsychosRichard C Meyer, the indie comic book legend best known for his mercenary superhero team JAWBREAKERS (3 volumes so far) has launched the second volume of his IRON SIGHTS series on Indiegogo.

This 100 page graphic novel, titled Iron Sights: 2 Psychos, takes the action to Mexico. Like the first Iron Sights story, think of this like a Quentin Tarantino movie or the El Mariachi series crossed with Sicario and 100 bullets but served up in the inimitable Richard C Meyer style.

Meyer’s writing and the art by Ibai Canales already have customers lining up to reserve their copies, plus Richard is offering a special deal for those of you who missed the first Iron Sights book and want to order both the original and this new sequel. Continue reading


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