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Iron Sights 2 PsychosRichard C Meyer, the indie comic book legend best known for his mercenary superhero team JAWBREAKERS (3 volumes so far) has launched the second volume of his IRON SIGHTS series on Indiegogo.

This 100 page graphic novel, titled Iron Sights: 2 Psychos, takes the action to Mexico. Like the first Iron Sights story, think of this like a Quentin Tarantino movie or the El Mariachi series crossed with Sicario and 100 bullets but served up in the inimitable Richard C Meyer style.

Meyer’s writing and the art by Ibai Canales already have customers lining up to reserve their copies, plus Richard is offering a special deal for those of you who missed the first Iron Sights book and want to order both the original and this new sequel. Continue reading


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