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Leo TerrellHere at Balladeer’s Blog I am still enthralled by the ongoing political realignments here in the U.S. The old Democrat vs Republican paradigm has become meaningless and unworkable. I would love to see viable Third Parties emerge, but in the meantime came this. (Link below) 

Civil Rights Attorney and Martin Luther King Person of Courage Leo Terrell recently joined the chorus of black voices condemning the Democrat Party for its hatemongering and race-baiting:

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsI have 30 years invested as a Civil Rights attorney, public school teacher as you mentioned, and I’m frustrated and disappointed in the Democratic Party and the left. I mean, it really started a couple of weeks ago when Joe Biden made that comment, that awful comment, that insulting comment that if you vote Republican, you ain’t black.  

Trump, Rosa Parks and Ali“I’m a Civil Rights attorney. That statement was condescending and insulted every African-American, and every American, and then you follow up with a series of protesting, which is perfectly okay, but the failure of a Democratic Party to call out the rioting, the looting, the murder is just something that I, as a Civil Rights attorney could no longer sit and just basically stay quiet.”

“… If the presidential election was held today, I would vote for #DonaldTrump. America Is more important than party loyalty.” Continue reading


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Leo TerrellMartin Luther King Person of Courage Leo Terrell, noted Civil Rights attorney, joined the chorus of voices coming from African-Americans disgusted with the Democrats and their hypocrisy on racial issues. (Link below)

Many of us former Democrats have chosen to #WALKAWAY from that political party over its increasing intolerance and its irrational push to defund police in favor of Democrat-controlled “Reconciliation Counselors.” Plus other policies that would reduce areas to the dangerous level of the Democrats’ CHAZ/ CHOP cesspool in Seattle.

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsTerrell, like so many others, has pointed out how de facto Third Party President Donald Trump has been better for African-Americans than any Democrat in decades, especially Joe Biden, noted for his draconian legal positions against African-Americans.   

Terrell said “This is why I stopped drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid. I can’t take this hypocrisy anymore. It’s ridiculous.”

“Joe Biden gave us the crime bill in 1994,” Terrell continued, “President Trump gave us the First Step. The bottom line is this: I don’t need the Democrats to insult me or try to placate me with African garb, Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws. Pass some reforms. Show me something other than some kind of condescending act just because you’re a Democrat. That doesn’t follow anymore.” Continue reading


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