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Here at Balladeer’s Blog I criticize both American Liberals and American Conservatives, both Democrats and Republicans. For overseas readers here’s a handy guide to American Hate Groups.

Obama madman

BLM – “Klansmen of Color” aka “Kop Killers Klub.” This pack of Democrats HATES the thought that ALL LIVES MATTER and  pretends that police are automatically the enemy.

This bizarre group has actually petitioned various areas to do away with police. Uh, yeah. Next time you need the police call BLM instead. They won’t be any help but I’m sure they WILL direct you to a site where you can make a donation to them. 

La RazaLA RAZA – “Racists Without Borders” aka “The Master Race” aka “THE Race.”

This pack of Democrats (notice a trend here) are “Conquistador-Americans” whose Spanish ancestors slaughtered the indigenous inhabitants of much of North and South America. 

Members of La Raza now feel that they are entitled to a “Reconquista” of areas where their blood-soaked forebears butchered their victims. They’re big supporters of illegal immigration, too. Continue reading


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Hillary shrill 2

“You ain’t really BLACK unless you got my BACK” Clinton shouted, to the delight of her most passionate supporters – the media.

Fresh off her warning to black voters that “We Democrats OWN your asses like we owned you on our plantations!” Hillary Clinton dug herself an even deeper hole by openly stating what the Democrats have been more subtle about in the past. Hillary “Pickles” Clinton expressed outrage over the increasing numbers of black voters supporting Donald Trump because of all the lies and unkept promises that Democrats have inflicted on the black working class.

Mascot with demo and repub heads

*********** The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party


“These damn super-predators are really getting me mad with this Trump flirtation! They need our party’s Seal of Approval to be REAL black people! We Democrats have spent FIVE DECADES conning those fools and covering our lily-white butts through our paid race-traitors … I mean African-American Community Leaders – like Al Sharpton and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Democrats … I mean People. Colored People.”

Following that remark Clinton was asked about her opinion of the new movie about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date, titled I’m With Stupid: When Bigots Fall In Love…  Hillary committed a huge gaffe by accidentally saying the film’s title was Dumb and Dumber. Continue reading


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