Here at Balladeer’s Blog I criticize both American Liberals and American Conservatives, both Democrats and Republicans. For overseas readers here’s a handy guide to American Hate Groups.

Obama madman

BLM – “Klansmen of Color” aka “Kop Killers Klub.” This pack of Democrats HATES the thought that ALL LIVES MATTER and  pretends that police are automatically the enemy.

This bizarre group has actually petitioned various areas to do away with police. Uh, yeah. Next time you need the police call BLM instead. They won’t be any help but I’m sure they WILL direct you to a site where you can make a donation to them. 

La RazaLA RAZA – “Racists Without Borders” aka “The Master Race” aka “THE Race.”

This pack of Democrats (notice a trend here) are “Conquistador-Americans” whose Spanish ancestors slaughtered the indigenous inhabitants of much of North and South America. 

Members of La Raza now feel that they are entitled to a “Reconquista” of areas where their blood-soaked forebears butchered their victims. They’re big supporters of illegal immigration, too.

democratic party donkeyKU KLUX KLAN – “Democrats” aka “DemoKKKrats.” This pack of, well … Democrats  … hated the fact that their slaves were freed by other Americans. These hatemongers harassed and murdered African-Americans for well over a century after the Civil War was over. 

Many Democrats affiliated with the KKK directly OR with other Democrats who belong to the Klan hypocritically love to lecture the rest of the country about “racism.”  


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6 responses to “HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA

  1. BLM is the worst Hate Group in America. They are like Klansmen just like you said.

  2. K.R. Jones

    You are so right. These are the real hate groups.

  3. Bernard

    Very gutsy list.

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