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CIA John BrennanJohn Brennan, former CIA director, embodies the type of conscienceless trash who run and “just follow orders” at the organization. His resignation years ago came amid accusations that he was illegally spying on members of Congress – the body ultimately charged with overseeing the CIA.

America’s forever-delinquent mass media has seemed to forget the past atrocities of that ignominious body. Even politicians like Democrat Chuck Schumer have expressed their fear of our corrupt “intelligence community” notably in Schumer’s remark that if an elected official dares offend America’s CIA “They have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”

Time for a walk down memory lane regarding the activities of CIA gentry like John Brennan, George HW Bush, etc. There may be drug dealers and child pornographers who can look down their noses at Brennan and his ilk. 

Bush CIANAZIS “R” CIA – Though today assorted drama queens like to flail at the imaginary Nazis in their heads the CIA helped out and worked with plenty of REAL Nazis after World War 2. As in LONG after. Remember General Reinhard Gehlen among others.

“FREE” ELECTIONS – By this point we’ve all lost count of the number of elections the CIA have interfered with and the number of nations in which they’ve carried out that interference. 

MASS MEDIA MANIPULATION – Deputy CIA Director Frank Wisner once referred to America’s news outlets as “the Mighty Wurlitzer” for the CIA’s ability to make those outlets play whatever tune they want. 

OPERATION GLADIO – This operation still doesn’t get the coverage it deserves but it has been well-documented enough that you can do online searches for yourself regarding its ugliness. Continue reading


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CIA John BrennanJOHN BRENNAN: THE MAN FROM S.C.U.M. – The anti-Trump fascists have proven once again that they will ally themselves with ANYONE, no matter how low, in their insane hatred of President Trump, the working class and the poor.

John Brennan, former head of America’s forever- repulsive C.I.A. had his Security Clearance rightfully yanked by President Trump since Brennan has been abusing it by peddling his access to make money as an “expert” on Democrat tv programs.

C.I.A. trash Brennan resigned long ago after a scandal involving illegal and unconstitutional COVERT SPYING OPERATIONS ON MEMBERS OF CONGRESS! Democrats have decided to pretend amoral C.I.A. thugs like Brennan are heroic when they’re running Dirty Tricks Programs for their political party and are pretending it’s a “scandal” that Trump yanked “Dirty John” Brennan’s Security Clearance.

PRESIDENTS HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWING SECURITY CLEARANCES FOR FORMER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FOR YEARS – Obama, George W Bush and other presidents have withdrawn security clearances for former officials for YEARS. If you weren’t upset about it when previous presidents did it, don’t pretend to care when President Trump does it.

Trump is SerpicoTHE GANG WARFARE IN OUR GOVERNMENT CONTINUES – It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President. His efforts to Drain the Swamp of Democrat and Republican corruption is why career politicians from both political parties – AND the bloated rich pigs who OWN those career politicians – have been fighting President Trump so hard.

Only an outsider like Trump could do what he has done to rock the boat of crooked business as usual in Washington D.C. and I have been riveted by the man’s virtual one-man battle against the white-collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans.

Supposedly – I repeat – supposedly, we are close to seeing the much-hyped possibility of the President de-classifying some of the documents about Obama’s FBI, NSA and CIA helping Hillary Clinton while targeting Trump in our last presidential race. NewsMax TV ran an interview with Joseph DiGenova regarding this possibility. It’s all just talk right now but supposedly the President will declassify the docs if Congress refuses to expose Obama and Hillary’s abuse of the intelligence agencies. For the DiGenova interview click HERE  and for a written piece outlining the potential implications click HERE . Continue reading


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