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Phelim McAleerRoughly 12 years ago writer Phelim McAleer moved to the U.S. from Europe and learned that many European assumptions about the country are just plain wrong. That was especially true when it came to the overseas image of America’s political left compared to the ugly reality of what they’ve become in recent decades.

Here’s another figure from the creative community making many of the same observations I’ve often made about how the left has driven away so many of us who used to belong to it. The link is below but first some excerpts:

mascot new look donkey and elephant heads“One of the first things I learned when I came to America was that American Progressives don’t much believe in progress. In fact they are among the most conservative – even regressive – people I know.”

“As I got to know my new country I discovered that very often leftism debased terms so badly that they meant the opposite of what they should.”

“I wrote a play called FERGUSON which only used actual Grand Jury eyewitness transcripts to tell the story of the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown. It is a technique known as Verbatim Theater.

“Nine members of the cast walked out during rehearsals. Why? Simply because the truth didn’t match the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Ferguson lie they’d been sold by the media. The irony was that most of the eyewitnesses who gave evidence to the grand jury were minorities. The actors were not willing to give minorities a voice on stage, because they didn’t much like the truth of what had actually happened in Ferguson.” Continue reading


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Are these the ghosts of a generation of African-American teens who go unmourned by the Sharptons and Farrakhans of the world?

Are these the ghosts of a generation of African-American teens who go unmourned by the Sharptons and Farrakhans of the world?

Hatemongers like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan (who still claims Jews were behind the 9-11 attacks) only mourn the loss of African-American teens who have criminal records. They have repeatedly made it clear that they care nothing at all about the countless African-American teens killed by OTHER African-American teens every year.

Even by the figures from Obama’s own Justice Department over 90% of the murders of African-American teens are committed by OTHER African-American teens. The Sharptons and Farrakhans of the world have nothing to say about this but insist on spinning folk tales and outright myths about convenience-store thug Mike Brown and Trayvon “History of Violence and Law-Breaking” Martin.

An entire generation of intelligent and promising African-Americans is being snuffed out by African-American criminals yet only the criminals are mourned by the Sharptons and Farrakhans. It seems to Al and Louis “Black Lives Matter” ONLY if they were breaking the law. To Sharpton and Farrakan the millions upon millions of law-abiding African-American victims of African-American criminals apparently don’t deserve protection from the thugs preying on them.   Continue reading

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Hands Up Don't Shoot

Unidentified black men making with the ubiquitous new hand-signal which means “I have a very small penis.”

FUNKY FERGUSON – This late December release continues to absolutely dominate the box office. Funky Ferguson is the title character of this very dark satire which uses the style and structure of 1970’s blaxploitation films to comment on the horrific events in Ferguson, MO. Continue reading


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